New Books ....problem solved :)

I got these two new books today! Knit Baby Head & Toes!
and Oddball Knitting

I am so excited about the baby book. I made a felted hat for my 7 week old granddaughter … to wear at Christmas and will make one for her 5 yr old sister. I just used the adult pattern I have been making from “Knit Hats” with much much smaller needles … IT WAS TOOOOO small for the baby! The “Knit Baby” book has the SAME felted hat pattern for the girls! No more guessing!!

The oddball book has … oh my gosh … the most wonderful patterns. Do I really have to go to school tomorrow???

But it’s so cuuute!

Oh that is wonderful. These hats are too adorable. I bet they feel so special and just like a grown up in them. Make a dozen in every color they are so cute.

Isn’t this the cutest book?

I bought this last week… I can’t WAIT until I have a reason to knit these up :smiley:

Ingrid - The doll hat really is cute :slight_smile: I was going to bring it home and try getting it wet and stretching it but the baby doll claimed ownership and there was no way it was leaving with me !

miss - if you have never used one of these “knit” books … not only are the things cute, cute, cute but the way they put the pattern in a table makes it SO easy to understand and keep track of … the lady bug socks … oh my ! I love my Knit Socks … and really really want Knit Mittens

Nette - I am knitting hats for Cristmas gifts like others on the forum are knitting clogs. So I may end up with one in every color! Here are two “big girl” hats that are finished. Thankfully, some of my family lives where it is COLD. Here in Florida they will have to be worn indoors, with the air conditioner on 68! The gray hat is the same hat two different flowers. I am going to knit 2 flowers for each hat. I have the new NE Knit Flowers ( I think that is what it is called) on order, I think it will be out in October

How cute will it be when they match!

LOVING the hats :heart: :heart:

ooooooh I want I want!!! :heart: :heart:

Very cute Hats!!! :cheering: