New book

I just got my last package of knitting supplies in the mail today and I got the book Knit Fix and I love it!!! I am looking for mistakes in finished pieces just so I can fix them!

cool… if you happen to figure out how to fix a purl stitch, that should have been a knit, and it’s halfway down the front panel of a cardigan you just finished, but there is no way your gonna rip, considering its all been seamed and finished, but you can’t take your eyes off it, even though the recipient may never notice… please let me know :teehee:

There is a way but you would have to undo the bind off edge and unknit back to the column above the stitch . If you are interested I will tell you what the book says but I would just leave it the recipient will not notice a thing I am sure!!! Also if you a planning on buying any books any time soon this one is worth it I just got it yesterday and I am almost finished with it there is so much useful info in there .