New Book: Twinkle's Big City Knits

I am looking at a knitting book that was released this week called Twinkle’s Big City Knits. All the patterns are for bulky and super bulky yarns. I think the book is laid out very nicely and has some interesting and innovative looking patterns.

I’ll probably at least try a couple of patterns. I was looking at a ball-gown type of skirt and it is really cool (at least I think so). However looking at the yarn for the pattern, I can only think “exfoliating skirt” It is Classic Elite mohair and Reynold’s Lopi. The color in my scan is off, it is really pretty in the book.

It is a fun book to look at, but I think not many can pull off this look.


I’m not a fan of Twinkle’s designs myself. Too bulky. But I can see how they’d be fun to knit, and fast. I was reading a thread on another forum, though, about how all the sizes are crazy small. Small such that, I would wear the largest size or not be able to get in them, at a 34" bust. I have to look at the book cuz I don’t see how anyone can expect to sell any decent amount of copies when 99% of the adult population can’t fit into them.

I acutally just found a link to see all the patterns in the book.

So, for anyone interested…

[size=1]if you put some bigger than that into a bulky knit, they just look… large.[/size]

that must be why the model is so thin…

[size=1]if you put some bigger than that into a bulky knit, they just look… large.[/size]

that must be why the model is so thin…[/quote]

Oh I’m sure. The models in these mags and books are almost always thin. I meant the people in the thread I was reading said the sizing for the garments were small. For example, a size large would be 28" bust finished meausurements. I mean, sure, there’s negative ease, but dang.

I’m so annoyed with the sizing for this book. I’m an XS and would probably need to make the large size, so who on earth would actually be able to wear this stuff? :??

hmm, looks more like a modeling book that a knitting pattern book. :teehee:

Ok, so out of curiosity, I measured my 9 year old. She’s easily one of the thinnest kids in her grade – she weights maybe 55-60lbs, soaking wet and holding a rock in each hand.

Her chest is 24" inches.

Like mzwedi said, I guess there is such a thing as negative ease, but yow.

Disheartening sizes aside, though, I did see several patterns that I thought looked kind of cute.

Is it really necessary for knitting models to have dead, hollow eyes?

Nikki, I think I saw that thread. It boggles my mind that these clothes would even be too small for my 12 year old. She is by no means fat. She’s 5’, 102 lbs and wears a size 3 or a small. HER bust measures 34".

I love the pink chunky sweater the most. But no way would any of those items fit me. I wish these pattern people would design for REAL people. :doh:

I checked at the book at my local bookstore, and the only pattern that I am intersted in is the pilot hat and gloves, so i might just go to the library and see if they have it…doubtful though. I also might just wait until has it for about 10 bucks!

I finally saw this book at b+n and along with the amazingly tiny clothes, I was really disappointed to see the model that was used. I’m recovering from anorexia, so I’m very aware when someone looks dangerously thin,and that model was definitely a size 0, when you look at the way that green vest fits her (very roomy) and see that the largest size for that vest was a 36 I think? It just really strikes me as irresponsible of the publisher to use such a slim model for the entire book.
I only got a 3 minute look at it, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same model throughout? I’m going to pass on this one, looking at that model over and over and making what would be the “large” size for my 34 inch bust is really the last thing I need to do right now to stay on the right track with my ED work.


Hi all,

I work at Classic Elite and have had the pleasure of trying on many of the garments in this book. I consider myself a regular medium, with a bust measurement of 37".

While the finished measurement of the garment is small, the garments are designed in a way that makes them form fitting, and they stretch out to hug normal sizes. So, while they measure one size laying flat, when they are worn, they fit because of the amount of give the design has.

I know it’s not easy to just trust this, but I just wanted to throw out my experience with the garments. As many of these designs are knit on huge needles, if for any reason it doesn’t give enough to fit, at least there wouldn’t be a TON of time wasted.

It is great to hear the view of someone who has seen the garments.
I’m wondering how someone would know what size to knit for themselves? I gave a quick look at the book, but did not notice any special sizing notes, if I wear an xs would I make the first size listed? I can’t imagine a 24" top stretching enough to fit a 34" bust? :??

That’s a good question Meg. I’ll see what I can find out on Monday from some people at work. I’m sure someone knows.


Glad to hear about the sizing. I do own the book and noticed that some of the patterns do say that the garmet looks smaller and then stretches out because of the stitch patterns. I am eager to try some. Question about the book… where will errata be posted? I think there is an error in the Princess Capelet regarding yarn requirements. It is listed as one size, but three quantities of yarn are given. Also (and I am no pro so I might be confused) are the arms knit flat? I don’t see anywhere about seaming the arm after knitting. Might make more sense once I start.


We’re hoping to post the errata on the Classic Elite website next week. I’ll post a link once it’s up.

The errata is up. Here’s the link to a downloadable PDF:

Edit: As for the sizing, we’ve been told that the sizing for the garments is based on how Wenlan usually sizes her fashions. So an Extra Small was designed to fit a size 0-2, Small to fit 4-6, Medium to fit 6-8 and Large to fit 10-12. Of course, there could be some lee-way there.

Also, I was just informed that a garment that measures 24" was put on one of our Small employees with a bust measurment of 33" and it fit beautifully.

Thank you for checking about sizes, if there is a second edition, it would be fantastic to have that size chart you just told us on one of the front pages of the book, I know that Loop d loop gives unstretched and stretch measurements for sweaters that are knit much smaller and intended to stretch to fit, and that kind of information is very helpful.

I’d love to hear from people who knit the larger sizes to see if it would actually fit a 10 -12 though.

The super thin model used makes it really tough to think that the pieces are intended for a wide range of sizes.

But, enough criticism from me about this one, it is a pretty book, just not my type, and it is fun to see fashion designers releasing knitting books, a few editorial tweaks to show that the patterns work with many different sizes, and the inclusion of a couple more “realistically sized” models and it would probably sell very well.