New Blanket~ New Baby~

I haven’t posted in a while because now I have two children to wrangle! My son was born 9 months ago~ And I finished this blanket for him over the summer when I could still knit and nurse. Now, He’s too much of an armful to knit whilst nursing and he tends to try to eat the yarn. But, I really wanted to show you ~

I knit this on size 13 needles with 2 yarns held together
Brenat’s softee baby and caron softly
Just plain Knit and Purl
As you can see He loves it!
Thanks for looking!

Ooooooooh, that’s darling! What a beautiful baby. :slight_smile:

Fabulous job on the blanket - your son is so adorable! :heart:

Cute blanket, adorable baby!! :slight_smile:

What a pretty blankie! Your son is adorable!

What a sweet baby and a beautiful one–And the banky, too!! Congratulations!!

What a cutie! And the blanket looks great!

:cheering: :cheering:
Great JOb… ~~!!

beautiful blanket and baby!!

That is too sweet!

How cute! Love the 2nd picture with him all covered up with the blanket!

The blankie looks so cuddly and your son is so cute!

Thank You! Thank You!
I really appreciate all the nice responses! I am beginning to feel inspired again! :notworthy: