New beginning knitter...yarn recommendations?

Hi! I’m a brand new beginning knitter and so glad I found this web site…it’s helped me a ton already!

As a mother of three small children, with #4 on the way at the end of July, my main interests right now are easy baby/children’s items.

What yarns do you love to use for knitting baby blankets, sweaters, etc.? (Machine washable and dryable, of course!) Thanks for any recommendations!

I just made a baby cardigan out of Bernat Softee Baby. It is 100% acrylic, so machine washable and dryable, and it was very soft and pleasant to work with. The finished product came together really nicely. I’d highly recommend it, and it’s not expensive either! :thumbsup:

Softee Baby is my first choice too. I also like the Baby Coordinates. For thicker afghans, the ones you use every day {and get washed three times a day!}, I like the Softee Chunky. I have had excellent results with all of these.

Hi Lisa, I’ve got four kiddos too. Have you tried Bernat’s Cotton Tots? I love it! And second the Softee. I’ve never knit with it, but have gifts that were made with it and they are lovely. Softee handles better in the long run then most other yarns for babies. Welcome!

One recommendation about what you should not use: Red Heart Kids… that stuff is horrid for a smooth acrylic. The colours may be wild, but you’ll be pulling out your hair with how badly it splits and misbehaves while you are working with it… knitting or crocheting!

I would try Plymouth Encore.

Yarns I would stay far, far away from: Lion Brand Homespun, Paton’s Divine. :slight_smile:

Welcome – you’re going to get hooked on knitting!

Hello, why do you not like Patons Divine :thinking:

I really like natural fibers when possible, so I tend to use Blue Sky organic cotton. It’s a very soft cotton that washes up well. I also really like Dale of Norway’s Baby Ull. The Baby Ull is a machine washable merino (soft) wool and comes in a wide variety of colors.

There are some lovely free baby and children’s clothing patterns at

Jean Greenhowe has some lovely toy patterns, and bluesky has the popular Baby Bobbi Bear pattern

Cotton doesn’t have much stretch, so some people find it hard on the hands.

I love knitting for little ones!

Edited to say that I re-read your post. The patterns above may be something you bookmark. They aren’t really beginner patterns, but I’m sure you will be ready to move on to them in no time with all the helpful people here.

Mama Bear

I like Knit One, Crochet Too (K1C2) fleece. Really soft and lots of great colors including fun colors for kids. Knits up quick, too!