New Baltimore Meetup Group

Psst … Hey Baltimore’ians!! There’s a new knitting group in Baltimore. There’s a meetup scheduled for 9/21/05 @ 7:00pm. The location hasn’t been posted yet, but hopefully it will be soon.


Where in MD are you, ekghiey? I just moved from Parkville.

Dudette! Parkville’s about 20 minutes from me :slight_smile: How come you moved to FL? You no likey us MD’ers anymore? :frowning: :lol: I’m near Towson.

I worked in Towson, for First Lutheran Church on Burke…Pensacola is my home, and I ended a 16 year relationship and decided to move home!! (I had been in MD for almost 20 years and needed a change, wanted to be near my family.) I’ll be back up to visit next fall I think, I will let you know and we can get together and knit!

Hmmm… :thinking:
I’m only about an hour and a half from Baltimore…

OH GOODY GOODY GOODY!! :mrgreen: That would be lovely!! Hey … maybe you could plan your trip around next year’s Knit-Out :thinking: :angelgrin:

So then … that means you’re coming to Knit Out … Riiiiiiiiigggghhhttt ??? :angelgrin:

Actually, I might! :mrgreen: If I can talk DH into letting me drive to DC by myself…I’ve been driving for a lot longer than him, but for some reason he seems to think I can’t drive if he’s not with me :rollseyes:

Oh just say, “I’m going to knit NOW!! I’ll see you when I-get-back” in your best Grace Jones (Zula from Conan Destroyer) voice! :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: oh yeah, that would work… specially if I was wearing the outfit!!

YEEEEEAAAAHHHHH babie!!! But I was thinking more on the lines of Knitting Warrior!! Work it girl!!! Own it!!! Grrr! :roflhard:

I can do tht as long as I get to go to the Renn Fest in Crownsville too…I am REALLY going to miss that about MD.

Renn Fest?? :?? ekgheiy zips on over to google :lol:

OOOoooooh :doh: :oops:

hehehe … I’ve actually never been there…

I LOVE the Rennaisance Festival…I have a ball, I went every year!! If you go, have a cheesecake on a stick for me!!!

:inlove:[size=2] feeling all warm and fuzzy thinking about the ren fair [/size]:inlove:
DH proposed to me at the Medieval Fair … (awwww)… so we make it a point to try and go every year… don’t know if we’ll make it this year, but next year for sure!!!

AWWWWW!!! You really ARE his “beer wench”!! :roflhard:

Mmm - cheesecake on a stick. :?? :drool:

Yes yes PHM, you MUST keep the tradition going, so you just gotta go every year!! :heart:


I was LOL, but I don’t think DH found it amusing (he’s just grumpy cuz he got woked up early from his nap ;))

You know, I have been to ren fairs in MI and FL, but I have never seen cheesecake on a stick. Ice cream in an orange, giant pickles and the pretzel king, yes… DH and I even bought drinking horns… but never cheesecake on a stick. Sounds yummmmy…