New baby sweater I designed

Here is the new baby sweater I designed and knit. I just finished it last night. I started with the idea of making a sweater with a cable around the body and wanting to do it in one piece with a yoke. I picked out this cable from one of the Harmony stitch guides. It turns out that a cable wants to curl some so I tired to remedy that a bit by adding a couple of rows of crochet at the bottom. :eyes:

I decided to add some more bobbles to the yoke and did some multicolor corrugated ribbing at cuffs and neck. I tried not to go too far with embellishments. :ick: But I can always think of one more thing to do. :lol:

I didn’t have any buttons that would go, and just to find a Wal-Mart I have to travel 35 miles, much of anything else is 75 miles away. :figureditout: So I got the idea to add crocheted buttons to match the bobbles. I think it works.

The gray is really a bit darker and slightly heathered, the blue is a bit more teal and darker, the orange is very bright, but a little darker than it looks. Yarn is acrylic, Patons Astra, a sport weight yarn.

I think the hippie in me shows a little here. :wink: What do you think? The sweater is about a 6 month size.

Here is the back.

If anybody wants to see any details of how I attached the buttons or close ups of cable, or cuffs you can go here and look at more pictures.

I love it! Are you going to share or sell the pattern for it?

Oh Meri,

You have done it again! How wonderful, what mama wouldn’t want this little sweater. You really had fun with this one…


Very cute!!

Ahhhhhh, it’s too cute!! lol I love the bright colors and detailing on the ends of the sleeves - very clever!


Wow! It’s so bright and pretty, and I love the cable detail. Yes, your hip roots are showing, but that’s a good thing. Love it!

Slim is right…I see a 70’s child in there somewhere…if not chronologically…in spirit! That is great…a real celebration burst :slight_smile: I’ll buy a pattern if I can get it online! :slight_smile:

This is one of the most beautiful and “hip” little sweaters I’ve ever seen. Looks like it was a doozy to do (but that is from someone who hasn’t learned much more than a stockingnette stitch thus far - LOL). Absolutely GORGEOUS design and the colors are way too cool! I want one for ME!

You are a true artist and this work of art is beautiful. Congratulations on completing this and thank you for sharing the pix of it with us.

That’s fabulous!
I love your creativity.

Congratulations, you did a good job.

That’s adorable! So bright and cheery! Great job!

Thanks for sharing, it is as cute as a button.

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. :notworthy: I did have a lot of fun with this one. The creative process is so much fun. That’s what WE ALL love about knitting!!

A couple have asked about the pattern and if I could share it. :shrug: Maybe. I’ve tried to write down what I was doing as I went, but trying to make it all make sense to others would be the challenge. :eyes: I have very little experience writing out patterns. If I ever come up with something that I think would make sense to someone else how would I go about sharing it?

[CENTER][SIZE=5][COLOR=blue][B]Way Cool![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]

That is so unique. Really cute. Great job

mer- what an adorable sweater :slight_smile: i think my favorite parts are the multi-colored ribbing and the cable! W O W

That’s a cute little sweater! I love it! And the cable and the details are really nice:cheering:

Thank you friends, from near and far (noting where you all are :-)) Merigold

Hi Merigold! :waving:

What an adorable, unusual little sweater! Not a “run of the mill” sweater by any means!

WOW! :passedout:

We are leaving at the crack of dawn…for our final summertime week on Nighthawk Summit up by Republic!
No internet access…it is ‘off the grid’ so to speak…so, [B][COLOR=red]no [/COLOR][COLOR=red]KH FOR A WEEK![/COLOR][/B] :waah:

But on the cheerier side: I will get a TON OF KNITTING DONE! :knitting:

Will check in on y’all next Sunday evening! Bye for now! :waving: