New Baby is Coming so i Knitted This!

Hi Ladie i have not been here in a while!:muah: I found out i was preggo last month!! :woohoo: So i started knitting stuff right away lol! I am 7 weeks PReggo and due July 29-31-ish…lol!

So here are 3 things i have and am knitting i am still working on the blanket. I miss you all!!

Congrats on both…the babe and the FOs! Very nice.

Congrats, and hooray for baby things! The hats and booties are very cute, I’m sure the blanket will be lovely too!

Thanks Ladies! That blanket is talking so long…No i remember why i dont like doing them lol!

Congratulations!! Everything is is cute!

Congratulations! They are adorable!


Cute stuff you cranked out! What yarn did you use?

Excellent work. Congratulations.

Congratulations. Pretty baby things.

Congrats! The baby is lucky - you’ve made some wonderful things!

Congrats and best of luck with the new addition! Lovely baby stuff. It’s so nice to make something for your own little one. I wish I had been a knitter when I was preggers with my children!

Congratulations! Very nice work - the hat is so cute!!

As soon i get home i will find out and send it to you!!

:woot: Congrats!! Everything looks so cute!

Lovley set :slight_smile:


And you’re off to a fantastic start~the blankie looks great! I love the hat and booties as well :slight_smile:

…on your pregnancy ! You made very cutey small things!:muah: :inlove:

Congratulations! I love the set–especially the lacy little hat. Who can resist baby sized knitting? :slight_smile:

My o my, but I do love that yarn!!! And of course, your knitting is impeccable!!! Love them!!!

Congrats!!! Your projects are beautiful! You’ve got lots of time to knit for this little one! :slight_smile: