New baby in his new blankie

My grandson, 4 days old today!

He’s such a cutie! Great looking blanket!

Awww he’s so cute! Love the blankie!

adorable blanket…and even more adorable baby…sooo sweet:hug:

Both baby and blankie are adorable!!

Aww, the blanket looks so soft and cushy! Precious baby ! Cannot wait to have my granddaughter due in September wrapped up in something I have made too. You must be so thrilled!

Oh my! That is one great blankie for a handsome little man!

When I give blankies to grandkids, I always emphasize with the moms that the blankie is for the child to use, and love, and drag around if desired. I don’t want the moms feeling like they have to defend the blanket. They eventually get worn out, but are much loved.

:cheering: Beautiful baby in a lovely blankie! Welcome to the world kiddo!

the blanket’s adorable…what pattern did you use?

Awwwww. Good job Grandma Lori!! Beautiful little guy in a beautiful handmade blankie!

LOVE the blanket, gorgeous colors and work, and the little bumdle inside is precious.

Awesome blanket, and what a sweet little guy!!

Gosh let’s see, which is more beautiful, the lovely baby blanket or the baby in it. Toss up I guess. He sure is beautiful. I have two grandsons (10 and 3) and wish I had more but guess they will be it for me. Congrats to you and to your family on the new arrival and on the gorgeous blanket for the little one.

Abby, the pattern is free - from Lion brand. It’s called Tumbling Blocks Blankie. Not as difficult as everyone thinks it is to do. People can’t fathom how I would knit this woven thing!

lol so it appears I was right when I told my boyfriend it was similar to the blanket I’m going to work on for my cousin…being that they are both entrelac knitting…he goes no hers looks almost woven…i was like yea thats how it looks…the only difference is with the afgan I have planned it doesnt start with the triangles…not quite sure…guess I’ll find out when I buy the pattern…but this is beautiful

Beautiful! You did an amazing job … I’m sure he will love it for years to come! :woot:

Beautiful blanket for a beautiful baby boy! Congrats on the newest addition!


Lori…your Sweet Baby James looks like a perfect little angel all cuddled up, safe and warm, in his blankie that his grandma made just for him! What an adorable little man! I just love little babies…and grandbabies are especially wonderful. Enjoy him and give him lots and lots of grandma hugs and kisses.

I thought I was hearing things…I kept hearing “awww” ;). Definitely an awww picture. The colors are great and your grandson has a treasure for ever!