New Babie? I must be insane

Well, folks, it looks like I’m going to be mommy to another kitty. My niece and her family is moving out of thier apartment, and, temporarily, into her mom-in-laws house. She has a 3 month old, long-haired, tortie kitten who needs to be rehomed, and it looks like I’m going to be the one. It will all depend on whether or not she will get along with my many resident cats, and they with her. My sister (her mom) says that if things don’t work out, she’ll take the kitten, which is what should probably happen in the first place, since I already have more than my share of feline babies. I must be completely out of my mind to even consider bringing another in, but…it’s a tortie. I love torties. And a long-haired one…well, she’s just adorable.

So far, she’s doing fine. The other cats seem to be curious about her at first, but now, they mostly ignore her. There is some hissing whenever one feels she’s getting too close to their personal space, but that’s to be expected.

Later, I’ll post some pictures of her, and ya’ll can help me name her. They were calling her, KiKi. That is the word my nephew uses, because he can say “kitty” yet.

I just wanted to show some pictures of the new kitten. She’s under the rocker, meeting Annie, my other tortie, for the first time. She’s the little one, of course.

Ohhh, very sweet! :inlove: Hope the introductions go well!

Heh… I was just reading about that Arkinsas (sp?) who just had her 17th baby and still wanting more…glory be! :slight_smile:

Susan are you talking about the Duggars from Roger Arkansas? They just had there 17th child.:passedout:

Yes Carla…and still intending for more. A pregnancy and birth every year.

eewww! 17 children? They should have gotten cats instead. :roflhard::roflhard: