New Avatars?

Okay - I’ve been gone for some time. What did I miss? Why have so many avatars changed? Is there a new avatar posted? :??

Yeah, all those banana avatars. hehehe :roflhard:

It was a joke that snowballed. A lot of the silliness is in Beldie’s blog.

i don’t have a banana but yet another cause that is getting outta control :wink:

I have to say, until someone said they were bananas, I actually thought they were certain body parts, colored yellow, hopping around!

pat…who will try to get her mind out of the gutter.

ooo pat that is bad!!!
are those yorkies in your avatar? how big do they get? i want one.:heart:

i also want an avatar but haven’t figured out how to do them!!! :verysad:

Nope, not Yorkies…the orangish dog is Cooper, the cairn (that is what Toto from wizard of oz was) and the black dog is Yoda, the schnoodle (mini poodle/mini schnauzer mix). Believe me they are quite the pair. Half the time the schnoodle thinks he is a cairn and it’s quite comical.


You just have to get a picture small enough and put in in your profile the same way you post a regular picture. There’s a browse button and you put your avatar pic there. I had a problem getting my other one small enough, but somehow I managed. If I can, you certainly can.

Hey kb…

I am impressed!!! :thumbsup: :notworthy:

The banana llama was starting to annoy me. How long can one look that happy?

me too!!
ok i got it. i’ll play around with it once i figure out the baby sweater!!! thanks ekg
Ingrid… i liked the banana!!!

I liked it to. It will be making guest appearances on occasion!

ok, I guess it’s time to retire the bananas

it was fun while it lasted! :roflhard:

I would imagine any new people would think we were a bunch of nutcases! :roflhard:

[size=2]Really don’t need the bananas for that[/size] :roflhard:

Well, we ARE, aren’t we? :??

You got me there! It usually takes a few minutes to find out, at least. :roflhard:

OH NO You’re NOT gonna blame me, Ms. Ingy!! :roflhard:

Now Kelly! Did I mention YOU anywhere in that statement? Even imply? I think you, my dear, have a guilty conscience!!