New at this

When following a pattern I have a question. ex.*K6.(SL1.K1)5 times.
My question is do you repeat just the part in the parenthesis 5 times or all of it. Thanks for you help.

Usually just the part in parenthesis.

When asking questions always include a link and or name of the pattern and what it is. It helps us to help you when we know what it is. :thumbsup:

There are 2 types of repeat instructions which you’ll see…

First, (S1, K1) 5 times means to repeat the content in parentheses 5 times.

Second, * K6, ssk, p2, k2, p2tog, K6* is generally followed by a note to repeat the part between the asterisks a certain number of times as you work your way to the end of the row. Sometimes the second asterisk is not included.

Oh you’re right, cftwo! I didn’t notice the asterisk. :doh:

In this case you probably repeat the whole thing, Trud.