New at this

ok so i am completly new at this whole knitting thing. i only own 4 colors of yarn and 2 sets of needles. i can make wrist bands, flowers, and squares. any suggestions on easy patterns for me to try as a first? keep in mind i have a 1 year old daughter, and i dont understand patterns, yet. please help me out. Toys, clothes, or anything would be nice to try.


When I first started knitting I knitted lots of dishcloths from this website. I started out with easy ones, then I made round ones, which are harder but look pretty nice.

Just about everybody has made a scarf early on in their knitting career. There are lots of patterns out there. Have you discovered a site called Knittingpatterncentral? They have a lot of free patterns.

A very easy and attractive scarf can be made just by casting on however many you want and knitting every row until it is as long as you want, then bind off.

You could also do a scarf where you just experiment with different stitches. I believe there is a section of knittingpatterncentral called “stitches”. If not, Google “knit stitches” and see what you find.

It sounds like you are doing pretty well if you can make flowers of some kind. Keep it up.

If you do a google search for free, easy knitting patterns, you should get lots of results. Here’s one for a really cute baby hat

And here’s one for a baby kimono, which is pretty easy to make has loads of baby patterns, if that’s what you are looking for :slight_smile:

thanks for helping me out… i bought my first pair of circular needles tonight :happydance: and some great yarn for a bag im designing!!! before i jump into patterns i decided to practice with simple stuff! ill post a picture of the bag when im done in the whatcha knitting column, even if it looks like booty:roflhard: