New at this-need pattern help!

I have Knitting for Dummies and need help! I am learning Garter Stitch Stripes but can’t figure this part out-Rows 1,3,5-11,and 16 (RS): Knit

RS means right side-but what do I do? Do I knit with the needle (with yarn on it) in the opposite hand?

You just turn it at the end of the row so the needle with the stitches is in the left hand again. Check out Amy’s knit video:

When they say ‘right side’ it’s right as in ‘correct’ rather than the ‘opposite of left’ The right side is the front, or public side of your pattern, the ‘wrong’ side is the back.

So on the rows that you’re knitting, you’re looking at the ‘front’ of your work.