New at this and need help!

I just started knitting last week. I got a book from the library and it make no sense! I found this site and from watching the videos, I have figured out how to knit continental style. I am quite pleased with myself and after practicing for a while, I decided to give the easy baby bib project a try. I have made the square, I have made the strap and now I am stuck on the button holes! What the heck does yarn over mean??

The Glossary section has definitions and many have videos for abbreviations. A YO is a yarn over–an extra stitch that creates a hole.

Bring your yarn to the front between the needles and knit the next stitch with the yarn coming from there. You’ll have made your first YO!

I just found that! Oops!


And a YO isn’t always followed by a knit stitch, so it’s not YO, knit one, all the time. Make a YO by wrapping the yarn around the needle as if you were making another stitch.