New at Kniting Question

Okay I just started kniting like yesterday, and I still getting the hang of it. And I’m trying to knit a scraf, and The Tail off of the yarn keeps getting in the way, and when I start to knit, then it doesn’t look right! So… what do I do?:???:

Are you knitting the tail with the first 3 stitches?

I like to do this, so it keeps it secure, and then I trim the tail to around 5 inches so it isn’t in the way as much.

The trick when you first get going, is to just keep knitting. If you cast on and cast on and cast on and it never looks quite ‘right’ you won’t get anywhere. Cast on and knit and just keep knitting and you can see your progress from the beginning, and how you settle and get comfortable.

It gets easier, I promise. Just keep knitting.


I don’t use the “tail” for anything except the end I weave it in. . . you can trim it so it’s shorter, (if it is long) but like Krystal says; just keep going. . .keep practicing. . a scarf is a great first project; but maybe for a while you should try getting your technique down. . .get the feel for it, there’s a real rhythm to it. . .and it is so relaxing. . .

Well…is that what I’m supposed to do? I really wasn’t sure if I was supposed incude it or not.

Are you knitting in the tail? Try that! Cast on. then knit the first stitches with the yarn and the tail, once you are done with the tail then just go to just the yarn. Make sure you knit the stitch you knitted with the tail and yarn as one stitch!

I’ve never knit the tail in (okay, maybe only once or twice), so you don’t have to - it’s just a preference. The trick is to not use so much for casting on with. If you start it over one more time, use less and there won’t be so much tail. But I do second the recommendation to keep going. The first row never looks like much anyway, so you need a few inches to see if you’re knitting okay.

BTW, I suggest you just CO about 20 or 30 sts for practice instead of trying to make something. Practice a few inches of knit every row, then switch to knit a row, purl a row, then you might want to try some increases, then decreases, then ribbing. By then you’ll have made something - a nice sampler. :wink: