New at crocheting

The pattern that i am about to start working on says that an afghan stitch or single crochet stitch can be used. It is a blanket and it says to use a size H afghan hook. If i choose to do single crochet stitch, do i need to use the afghan hook or can i just use a regular hook? There are lots of color changes in it and i was wondering if one or the other will be “neater”?

You could use the afghan hook, but since afghan hooks are fairly long, it might be a bit awkward. If I were going to do it in SC, I’d probably opt to use a regular crochet hook.

Is the pattern available on line? I’d like to see it if there’s a link. :slight_smile:

Without seeing the pattern I couldn’t tell you which stitch I’d choose but if you’re doing single crochet you don’t need the afghan hook. It would be a little cumbersome to do single crochet with because it’s so long. Perfect for the afghan stitch tho!

I think the afghan stitch would be neater. It looks differnt than the single crochet stitch.

I agree with MarthaC. When doing an afghan with a picture stitched into it, the afghan stitch or Tunisian crochet does turn out a neater looking project. I’ve recently done some videos on my website on Tunisian Crochet if you would like to take a look at them. You might find something helpful there.

The other difference to consider which might make you decide on using single crochet is that with Tunisian Crochet you would end up with a definite front and a definite back of your afghan. Single crochet would make it reversible…unless there are words!

Hope this helps!


Afghan stitch also tends to curl because it is one sided so it has to be worked extremely loose to avoid that.
That creates a very drafty item.

Remember if you use sc you read your chart from right to left and then left to right as you do the rows. With tunisian you only go right to left.