I love cows. We have two of our own, and a steer, who is the cute red calf in my pic. (Although, he’s not so cute anymore.)

Back in February, we sent one of them, Dixie, up to friends to be bred, she came back a couple months later, due to have a calf November 22.
Three weeks ago, we sent our other, Rosie, up to be bred as well.

Yesterday, we got a few disturbing emails and phone calls, our friends informing us that Rosie was not only already pregnant when we sent her up, but had had her calf that morning.

It was very bizarre, esp. because the friends, cattle experts, did not realize themselves that she was pregnant because she hid it so well.

Regardless, here is a pic of our newest little bull calf.

Oh, and Dixie has still not had her calf, yet, poor thing. She’s gigantic!

There are only three words to say: LOL

New reality show-- “I Didn’t Know My Cow was Pregnant”!


That’s funny that she could hide it!

:roflhard: Good one!

All I could think of: Surprise!

:roflhard: Honestly!:roll:

As much as I love 'em, they are so dumb sometimes.

She had to have got in with our neighbors bull, because we don’t have one. The only other explanation, our friends can make a lot of money with their Super Bull that she was with, two weeks together, and presto! you’ve got a calf!

The pic of the baby isn’t very good, (it’s sideways, I know,) he’s way cuter looking a day old.

When you have your TV debut, make sure I can watch on hulu since I don’t have actual TV anymore. OK? Deal!

Very cute! And that’s quite the story, too!

We don’t own cattle, but if I did, I’d have to name one of the calves Déjà Moo.

Yeah, animal babies are SO cute when they’re little. And then they grow up!!!

Dixie finally had her calf! Yesterday morning. Yes, another boy. We wanted a girl so we could call them Lady and Tramp, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Also, a picture of our cat, Oliver, being sticking his nose in the phone.

Well, congratulations all around on the new arrivals, expected and surprise. They are both very cute and the kitty, too.

I had friends who named their two bulls Oscar and Mayer. :teehee:

your calves are adorable !! I’ve always wanted a cow - the dairy variety. My 2 y/o son is a fan of alpacas (he calls them pacapacas) and I could be persuaded to get a pair.