New and Stuck

I am so new to this and am trying to learn on my own NOT WORKING LOL
I have alot of patterns even in the basic books that say use 2 strands to CO, or this one…
with 2 strands of yarn held tog, cast on 110 sts loosely. Do not join, work back and forth in rows as follows:

  1. how do i CO 2 strands is it the same as 1 strand? and do you K&P the same just using two loops or am i so off base Help!
  2. how do i CO 2 and not join them
  3. is there a video that shows this because that would be wonderful!

I am so litteral and this is so hard to do with out a visual
Thank you so much!

  1. Basically just hold the two strands in your hand together like they are one strand. there really is no secret to it, and after you get started you really will forget that you are working with two strands.
    I am not sure i understand the second part of this question. Do you have a pattern that you are looking at that we can see?

  2. it sounds like they have you working on circular needles. they are originally meant to work with in the round (creating a tube) but you can use them like you would straight needles. they are just telling you that you are working like they are straight instead of in the round.

  3. there are lots of videos but not with those couple of things that i can think of. THOUGH there is a video showing knitting in the round so you could see that. It is the first video here. It shows what it means to “join”

hope that helps!

I agree with Brendajos that once you start using the two strands as one, you’ll get used to it very quickly. Each stitch on the needle will consist of two yarns, but they’ll be held at the bottom by one stitch so it will be easy to keep track of.

They probably have you work on circular needles just to hold all the stitches and the weight of the item easily.

When you get to the end of the row, just turn your work around and switch which hands are holding the needles–the empty will be in your right again, and start knitting, just like on straights.

To answer the second half of your first question: Yes! :slight_smile: You’ll treat the cast on made from 2 strands just the same as if you’d made it with one. Insert your needle through the 2 co loops and k&p as usual.

Good luck!

:doh: no WONDER why i didn’t understand the question…as i read it i kept adding the word “how” to the question…oy!

I just figured out that circular needles would be help full i CO 78 and i have no room left i need to go to the store :slight_smile: to sad for me! thank you so much for all you helpful info!