New! (and question on ribs)

Hi everyone.

I found this site the other day while searching for how to make icord.

I love it! I love the videos and the board. Thanks Amy for putting so much work into this… its amazing. :slight_smile:

So… I’m also new to knitting. I’ve made two scarves… (all in knit) and i just made an ipod cozy for a friend. It was my first project in stockinette stitch. It was just a long rectangle folded with the sides stitched up. I did learn how to decrease watching the videos… and the flap that folds over the top came down to a point… and i sewed on a button.

Now I’m just trying to figure out how to do ribs. I watch a show on DYI called Knitty Gritty… and they were explaining things like ribs and seed stitch…that its just knitting and purling. but so far no luck.

this is the pattern I’m trying to follow from diynetwork (its a pdf)

I think I’m just kind of confused about wrong side right side… am I supposed to do the opposite on the “wong side?”

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Amanda! Well, from one newbie to another: If you’re doing k2 and p2 and say you end with a purl and then turn your work around, then you start with a knit. That will make your ribbing. Hope it helps. And good luck!


okay… i think i’ve figured out what my problem is.

i wasn’t pulling the yarn back between the needles before moving from the purl stitch to the knit stitch.

does it need to be pulled back foward when moving from purl back to knit stitch?

Yep! You figured it out. Sorry. Didn’t think of that.


I watch Knitty Gritty too!!! I’m dying to make that shrug they had on the 3 rectangles episode. Did you see that one?

I’ve never even heard of Knitty Gritty. Website? Show?

I loved that shrug (and the show)! Knitty Gritty is on DIY network (cable/dish channel), and they also have a website at


P.S. They had a show where they made a cozy for your computer mouse in the shape of a mouse – too cute!

Welcome Amanda and foldedbird!

That show sounds fun. The mouse cozy’s a cute idea! :slight_smile:


Yes, I just saw the show with the shrugs. Sooo pretty.

Thats the show I got the idea to make an ipod cozy for my friend.

Here is a link about the show for those that don’t know about it:,2044,DIY_18180,00.html

As a beginner… having Tivo has totally helped. Because I record the shows, then can hit pause, replay things… and play things in slow motion… hehehe.

I’ve never seen an episode, and am new to this site, and to knitting. There is so much free info on the Net, and great ppl that are willing to help. I like this forum, thanks for all the info and especially the videos. wow.

Welcome Rmywife!


How do you guys measure gauge over ribbing, say K1, P1?

Just count the V’s, or also the inbetween.

Trying to start on a tank top of this sort – this one specifically