New and needing help!

My first post! LOL

Hello everyone! My name is Michele and I just learned to knit. I had a questions about circular needles. Is there anyway to straighten the cord out or just leave it alone and continue to knit? When I don’t have any stitches on the right one, I let it drop to untwist.

Any tips for circular needles? Any would be appreciated! Thank you!

Hi, Michele! Some use hot water, steam, hair dryer, and/or hanging them by one needle overnight or out in the sun. What kind of circs do you have? Perhaps someone with the same can help you better.

Have fun! I hope you enjoy your :knitting: Whatcha working on?

Some of the less expensive circs have that problem. If you decided you like circular needles you might consider investing in interchangeable needles. If you do a search for them you’ll get lots of discussion threads here in KH. :thumbsup:

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks! I’m going to give those ideas a try!

I’m working on a kids cap for my nephew.

I have never needed to leave the needles over night. I just hold the cable part in very hot water (not boiling though) for a few minutes and then pull the tips away from each other to stretch the needle taut. Hold there until they are cooled completely down. Repeat if needed but it usually isn’t.