New and need someone to hold my hand

Hello all. I’m new to knitting and am looking forward to learning more. A few days ago I bought my first needles (size 8 U.S) that were pared with a how to book. I have gotten good at the knit stitch and am okay at the purl stitch, though I’m having more trouble with this one. I have learned to bind off as well.

I need some help understanding what kinds of knitting materials are out there and what they are used for. I don’t have a clue what the different sized needles are used for or what kinds of yarns are used for what. I’m a total newbie.


Different size needles are used for different weight yarns and specific looks with different stitch patterns. Don’t try to understand everything right now. Just start with a pattern and knit. As you choose each project, you’ll learn something new from it. When you choose a yarn you like, the recommended needle size is written on the label. You’ll get there; just enjoy the process.

BTW, Welcome to KH!

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Just listen to Wanda! She said it perfectly!

And let us know how it’s going, or if you run into any questions that need answering! This is THE answer place!

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Hi there!

One thing I can share from when I was first learning to knit–try to stick with fairly light colored, smooth yarns when you are first learning. Bumpy, fuzzy novelty yarns and dark colors can make stitches hard to see and mistakes hard to fix, especially when you are first embarking on the knitting journey.

Another tip–knitting needles are made out of all kinds of materials. If you have one type and are really struggling with stitches sliding off too easily or too hard, you might try a different material. It’s amazing how much difference there is between metal, bamboo and plastic needles.

Have fun with your new (addicting) hobby!