New and Need help

I am newish to knitting I’ve done scarves, and the like this is my first and so far as I can see first succuessful beginings to a garment, well as of course with all new knitters I’ve come to a point were I’m confused… This sentance has stumped me I have no idea what it means or how to do it. So heres the sentance

“Join back seam from top of crown to markers at beginning of decreases.”

Any help would be great thanks in advance.

Welcome! Is it a hat? I would think they mean you should seam up from the top to where you began to decrease. A little more description might help…

Wow thanks for the quick replay, yes its a hat, I can send the link if you’d like.
Should I seem up from the end of the ball of yarn or continue from my current workings ends or from the tail thats where my orginal started from… I guess attemping a simple hat for the colder winter months wasn’t such a simple Idea LoL. I just figured making a hat would be way more rewording than buying one.

Usually, hats end up with a few stitches that you run the tail through like a drawstring, and then you use the rest of the tail to seam up. That’s the tail you cut a foot or two from the last of the stitches you did, not the caston tail.

Groovey this seems to be a werid typ of hat, not your typical tobogin, hope I spelled that right any way, seems like my orginal cast on tale isn’t long enough I’ll have to add on to it, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for the help I look forward to trying to finish this though I’m thinking I’m going to have to buy more yarn… I’m sure I’ll be back for more questions you have been a saver of my sanity LOL, THANK YOU

You shouldn’t have to use your cast on tail yarn. After you make your last stitch in the top of the hat, leave about 6" or so of yarn before you cut it off the ball. Use that yarn to finish & seam the hat.

No, [B]don’t[/B] use your cast on tail, use the one that’s at the top of the hat where you knit the last stitches. And I’d leave about 12" just in case you need a bit more for the seam.