New and need help with a lace cap pattern

Last year, I made a very nice scarf that challenged my skill level a little. This year, I’d like to make a matching cap for her…but I’ve never made a cap. When I downloaded the cap, I didn’t think the chart would be a big deal, but I was very wrong. The pattern tells me to cast on 23 stitches, purl a row, then begin working from the lace chart. The first row on the lace chart appears to require 29 stitches, so I’m not sure if I should just start over and CO 29 stitches, or if there’s something I’m doing wrong. If anyone can give me any insight, your help would be GREATLY appreciated! The pattern can be found by going to and typing “victorian lace cap” into the search engine. (I’m not entirely sure that last sentence was legal on this forum…) Thanks again!

If there’s any YOs in the row, they don’t use a stitch, they’re just a wrap around the needle added between sts. And it’s perfectly fine, and even preferred that you provide a link to a pattern. It helps us look at it and give you the right advice.

<looks at pattern> AHA! It’s like I thought, there’s 6 YOs in the first row. You don’t count them as sts until the end of the row, at which time the decs will be 1 st, not 2.

Actual link