New and frustrated

I’m teaching myself how to through a couple of books and the great videos on this site. I’m having one small problem, after i co and i work my k row at the end I have a loop or it just looks really odd. I have no idea where I’m goofing. Any help would be great. Thanks

Welcome! I’m assuming you mean that your last stitch of the row is kind of big and loopy looking? That happens. It evens out a bit after you knit several rows. You can try pulling your first stitch tighter than the others, or you can even slip it (move it to the left needle ‘as if to purl’ without working it), which stretches it over two rows instead of one and can help with the loopyness. (is that a word?)

If that’s not what you meant, tell me and I’ll try again! :slight_smile:

Welcome to KH eeyore!

Not quite, I didn’t explain it quite right. I do my cast on row, then I begin my knit row, as I’m knitting there is a gap on the string between my two needles and it seems to get bigger and bigger, by the time I get to my last stitch of the new row there is a loop of thread between the end of my cast on row and my knit row that I don’t know what to do with. My row looks pretty good until I get to the end and want to start a new row.

What weight of yarn/needle size are you using? It’s possible you’re just using big needles for the yarn- which isn’t bad, it just gives you a lacier fabric.

thats totally normal :thumbsup:

the cast on row is usally looser than a knit row, and the little bit of slack adds up as you go. Like Abbily said, after a few rows you can see it even uot, and tugging your work in progress by the sides might help too, just dont pull it off the needles :slight_smile:

even if the loop at the end is a couple of inches? it looks like a loop for hanging, it’s quite large and if it is normal how do i reduce it so it blends better?

Which cast on method are you using? I’ve heard of this problem from a lot of people using the backwards loop method. Try another cast on method and see of that gets rid of the excess yarn in the last loop.

Try the knit cast on method. That should take care of this. Make a slip knot and put it on the left needle, tightening it up enough to be comfortable on the needle but loose enough to knit into. Knit into it as if you were knitting except instead of tightening it and slipping it onto the right needle, you slip it onto the left needle beside the slip knot and then tighten it just enough to be the same size as the slip knot. Keep on doing this “knitting” on cast on into each stitch until you have the required number of stitches. If you have questions about this method, look up top and see if you can find a video for knit cast on.

Welcome to KH and good luck!

:thumbsup: Thanks to everybody that replied, I have the hang of the knit stitch, now to try to get it to look good and then on to the purl stitch:knitting:

Way to go! Keep up the good work.

How did the different style of cast-on work for you?

I think trying a different cast-on is a good idea. I also suggest you try the cable cast-on, which I think gives an even better edge than the knit cast-on. There’s a video for that one too.