New and confused!

Hello knitters! :knitting:
I am new to your forum and I am new to knitting! I started a class 2 weeks ago as I was inspired by my friend Jan (Jan in CA) who’s knitting I have been admiring since she started! My mom and sister are both great knitters too but I just never got into it until now. I think I am secretly hoping for grandchildren and want to be prepared! :slight_smile:

Also, because I live in Ottawa, Canada, I needed something to help me get through February (the worst month of the year!). I am pretty crafty so I hope I can “master” this craft too! There are so many wonderful patterns!

Right now I am just trying to learn how to hold the needles and the yarn. Jan has given me a few links to check out so hopefully I won’t feel all thumbs that much longer!

After a couple more swatches and a dishcloth, our first project for class is a baby sweater. I have to shop for yarn but not sure what to buy. Anything that’s soft and pretty?

Looking forward to hanging out with all of you!


Hi and welcome to KH and the world of knitting. You have certainly come to the right place for inspiration and help

Soft, pretty and WASHABLE!!! I recently made a baby cardigan out of Bernat’s Softee Baby. Very cheap yarn, but soft, washable, and easy to work with. One skein made a cardigan, a pair of Mary-Jane booties and I might still have enough for a hat. Good luck with knitting - it sure does help with the winter blues!

Gina!! :yay: Welcome to KH! I’m sure you’ll learn a lot and have a good time here! :hug:

Yes, soft and washable is good for babies. You remember how they have to be changed 20 times a day.:teehee: Your teacher should tell you what weight yarn she wants you to buy. If she says baby yarn then something like Bernat Softee Baby is a good one. Lots of pretty colors and so soft!

Just want to say welcome to a fellow Canadian!

Hey welcome aboard and happy knitting!


Soft, pretty, washable, and the correct weight for the project’s pattern.

You’ll get the hang of it. If a big dummy like me can knit (badly) anyone can!

:woot: Welcome to KH, Gina!! :woot:

Caron Simply Soft is nice for a baby sweater, and very soft! Other yarns called `baby’ anything will be too.

From one CANUCK to another :happydance:

:cheering::cheering::cheering:WELCOME!!! :cheering::cheering::cheering:

This is the best :grphug: group EVER!

Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting!

Thanks everyone! Nice to feel so welcome! Hello to my fellow canucks … and Mason … a male perspective is always a nice addition to a group! Thanks to those who gave me yarn suggestions. I never thought to look for something that says “baby” on it … honestly, I have never been yarn shopping … yet!!!

Welcome to KH Gina enjoy not having the winter blues. I can say this is the best place on earth to learn anything. Have fun and welcome here again. :waving: