New and Confused

Hello. I decided earlier this week that I wanted to learn how to knit. I’ve looked all around the internet as well as this site to help me get started. I can cast on, but I’m having lots of difficulty with knitting my first row of stitches after that. I’ve watched the videos several times, and tried both styles (from the left and from the right). However, every time that try to do the first row it seems as if it’s pulling apart or something. It looks all crooked or something. I’m not quite sure how to explain it. Any suggestions people can give to get me started would be great and very welcome. Until then, I’ll just keep trying to get going. Thanks so much.



Any chance you could post a pic of your attempt? Might be easier to get a sense of what’s going on.


I’m not sure what you mean by “pulling apart” but looking twisted isn’t really that uncommon if you mean it looks twisted around the needle itself. Once you’ve knitted to the end of the row, you can simple straighten the row of stitches. I hope this makes sense. The first few rows of knitting look very complicated and messy but it does get better if you keep working on it.

As long as you think you’re doing it correctly, keep going. :thumbsup:

I’ve tried to take a few pictures at various stages to try and show what is happening. It seems to start off okay, but I’m not sure if the yarn is just stretching too much or what. It seems to be tight for the first few stitches, and then starts to loosen up more and more. When I get to the last stitch, I’m left with this extra loop that won’t go away. Perhaps, I just am not finishing the row correctly? Anyway, thanks for your help everyone. Sorry I’m so clueless.



What kind of cast-on did you use. Backward loop? That might be why there are long spaces between your stitches in the photos. Actually, in the last picture, the stitches on your needles look pretty good. That last loose stitch is the first one you cast on, and with backward loop, it can do that.

Try one of the other cast-ons if you did, indeed, use backward loop.

The last stitch is always loose, though not always that loose. Knit the first few stitches tightly to snug it up.

Your best bet, though is to just keep knitting and not worry about imperfections yet. As you knit, you’ll see yourself getting better and better.

It takes a while and practice before your tension becomes consistent. Keep at it and you’ll be amazed at how quickly it improves. I know I was. My first few attempts looked terrible but I just started a long scarf and kept going until it was looking better.

You could see the improvements as the scarf continued. That’s why I recommend a scarf as a first project so you can actually see how you’re improving. It also makes for a really funny looking scarf. :rofl:

Try a long tail cast on and see if you like it better.

It looks like you used the longtail cast on, and that you’re doing just fine. Your CO may be a little loose, but it will improve, so you should just keep going on.

Yes, just plan on your first project looking terrible.

I wound up ripping it - a scarf - out [frogging] it - and using the yarn to tie up branches and make my first tree-house. Okay, hey - I was 9 years old.

But my second attempt made a creditable pot-holder!


thanks everyone. I’ll keep at it. Trying to get my fingers to obey me while trying to do this is kind of difficult, but I’m excited. Right now, the hardest part for me is the “off jumps jack”. I just found out that a GF of mine knits! So, I figure I’ll ask her about it too. Thank again everyone!



You have to teach your fingers how to move; after some practice, they’ll know what to do.