New and confused!

Hi, I’m fairly new to knitting and this instruction has me so confused! I’ve attached a pic for reference. I have highlighted the size I am knitting however on the highlighted section, I have completed this row yet have somehow ended up with 66 stitches rather than 59! I’m not sure if I have read the pattern wrong but would be very grateful for any help. Thank you :blush::yarn:

Going by the stitch count it seems you might have made your increases BETWEEN the stitches rather than IN the next stitch.
The difference is an increase between such as a M1 adds a new stitch without using up any stitches and would add up to 21 new stitches 45 + 21 = 66 which you are getting.
An increase IN the next stitch as directed by the pattern uses up a stitch so 1 stitch is used up whilst an additional 1 is made. This makes 14 new stitches 45 + 14 = 59 which is what you want.

For the rep between the asterisk you are using 3 stitches each rep.
Purl 2, increase IN the next stitch
The repeat uses 3 stitches up and results in 4.

Hope this helps, if not let us know.

Thank you so much, yes that makes sense! I’ve gone back and re-done it and I now have 59 stitches :blush: thanks again!

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Glad to hear the row worked out for you.

Hope we get to see a photo of the finished project.