New advil commerical

Has anyone seen it yet? She is knitting away saying she is to young to stop knitting, even if she does have arthritis in her thumb!!!
Doesn’t work for me but love the knitting part. :happydance:
Teri :muah:

I’ve seen it. I think it’s great!!! :cheering: :cheering:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Me too!

ya it was neat… finally a commerical that features KNITTING!

There’s also a commercial for I believe it is a rheumatoid arthritis medication that shows a woman knitting, too. Yay!

Ooo I wanna see. I wanna see…

I think you can view them on the Aleve website. Kirochka found it and posted it in someone’s blog, I’m too lazy to go find it, though. She’s making the Fiber Trends clogs. :teehee:

Is that the one where she’s knitting clogs? Love it!

Hmmm… seems like these ads might be ‘subliminally’ sending the message that ‘Knitting = Pain’ :teehee:

Love it~
Much better than some of those stupid Superbowl commericals~! :biting: