New AbFab Throw Kit - by who?

I was in a LYS on the other coast and they had what I thought were Colinette AbFab kits, but they were by another manufacturer and I can’t remember who. The employee told me that the designer from Colinette switched companies so now this other company was doing them too but I can’t find. :frowning: Anyone know?


Is this it?

Holy cow…they must be knit with spun gold. :shock:

No, it looked EXACTLY like the Colinette but was another company, the designer from Colinette left I guess and brought the AbFab concept with them, from what I understood.

I’m so saddened by your post. I was expecting it to be a throw with Edina Monsoon and Patsi Stone done in intarsia on it.


But if you want the pattern it’s still available…I’m not sure what the problem is here then… :??

He wanted the Colinette yarn…?

I think the third link at least uses that yarn with the pattern. :think:

there were two reasons i wanted to know, one because I was excited about it and wanted to share it with everyone (but forgot LOL) and the other that I hoped I could get it a little less expensive than the Colinette since I’ve long coveted them.

It was driving me nuts so I called and now I remember why I was so excited. It’s Schaefer!!!

I’m sorry, sweetie darling!

:teehee: Amazing what a phone call can do!

I felt weird calling because I had no intention of buying it from them LOL (sigh)

ETA: No less spendy than the Colinette, unfortunately. :confused: But delicious!