New Abbreviation Never Seen Before

Hello Everyone:

I’ve been knitting for several years now and I’m currently working on a sweater pattern for my granddaughter. I have never seen this abbreviation before in a pattern and I’ve made lots of items.

The abbreviation is “KSP”. Does this mean knit, slip, purl? And how is the process followed? Anyone out there know?

I’ve looked on several knitting abbreviation web sites and KSP is not on them.

Thanks for you help.

K1, then slip stitch back to the LH needle, lift 2nd stitch on LH needle back over returned stitch and replace returned stitch on RH needle.

Basically it’s a psso off the left needle rather than the right.

Couldn’t you do k2tog? Seems like that would sorta give the same result… sue

They’d be very close, for sure.

I was doing a stitch sample last night and tried it; identical, but with a lot more fiddling about. The difference might be the same as that between SSK, and SKP. sue

Amy has a knitted sample on our site that shows the way different increases and decreases look.