My bad.

I can’t find it either. :pout: :verysad:

Try not to bo that again!!! :roflhard: :rofl: :happydance: :eyebrow: :whistle: :poke: :fingerwag:

What? :?? This topic makes no sense whatsoever. :??

Ok Jan, like you what are we missing here??? lol

The topic was originally about something else, and apparently she got her answer somehow and couldn’t delete because someone else had already replied, so she edited.

But it was fun playing along. :eyebrow: :woot:

I agree.

But you should try it 4 times, and then once backwards.

Yes, exactly!

Yes, exactly![/quote]

Why edit it? Couldn’t you just leave the topic like all the others? :??

I had posted about something, and then having received an answer realized I may be bringing attention to something that someone wouldn’t want attention brought to. I couldn’t delete it then, so I thought I would just change it to something that sounded uninteresting. Who know it would be so interesting!!! :shrug: