Nevermind, I was able to exchange them!

I started out using bamboo needles but have decided that I knit too tight now that I hit my stride. Therefore I have:

size 10 16" circulars (used once) Clover brand

(5) size 10 7.5" dpns (used once) Brittany brand

(5) size 8 7.5" dpns (used twice on mittens) Brittany brand

I paid $8 for each of these and can send the 10’s in the original packaging. (If I had kept my receipt I’d just return them lol). I don’t really know what is a fair price but I’d like to get more than half price since they are pretty much new.

Anyway, I’d love to trade for metal circs size 8 or smaller with a 16" length or metal dpn’s in smaller sizes (I ordered sizes 5-8 from TaraKnits but haven’t gotten a confirm yet) and I also need a metal gauge since my boys broke my plastic one. Oh, I also am poor so I’ll trade for yarn as long as it is soft and wool (and not gray, I’ve recycled 2 gray sweaters already lol).

How much for the size 10 dpns?

Good news and bad news, I found the receipt so I think I will try to return them tomorrow. I’ll post tomorrow and let you know…Ultimately I can get the most return for them this way so we’ll see…

No problem. Good luck.

I have a pair of Bates circulars in size 6. Would love to trade them for the size 8 DPNs…