Never Order From This Company

Wow. Worst online ordering experience ever. After spending hundreds of dollars at this yarn company (GSC Tekstil, which owns Yarn Paradise, ICE Yarns, and KUKA Yarns) in less than 6 months, they sent me the wrong item and refused to fix it. NEVER ordering from them again and I strongly recommend against anyone else ordering from them.

I recorded all the gory details, if you’re interested, on my blog.

Some of you may recall my asking for advice in this forum on which yarn to buy, and I appreciate the advice I received. I commented then that this company was my only financially feasible or practical recourse. But they’ve sure as heck been ruled out now. I think I’ll just work on stash-busting from now until I move back to the U.S. unless I can find another option here in Japan. I have one recommendation left that I haven’t looked into (none of the others were very feasible or financially reasonable either, with the decently priced yarns being ridiculously low quality or else very expensive)–Tokyu Hands. I’ll be looking into that one, but if it’s not able to provide what I need, I’ll just do stash-busting. I really need to anyway. :slight_smile: