Never made a blanket.. help?

i’m going to be making a texas long horn blanket, but i dont know how i should do the big white long horn in the middle. i have a pattern for it, but i don’t know how to make the WS pretty looking if i have the long-horn in the middle. because wouldn’t the color of the long-horn carry over the color of the blanket?

i know i could double-knit it, but is there anythign else i could do besides that? :shrug:

Okay, I don’t know for SURE if this would work (obviously, someone with experience can give a more educated and certain answer) but since we are both doing a longhorn pattern I’ll put in what I was THINKING of doing. I was going to try and do the intarsia thing. I THINK that with the exception of a few areas (that I’ll have to tinker with) that I can work it so that there aren’t lots of yarns on the backside. (I’m doing a discloth so don’t want all that mess either). Since I will HOPEFULLY reach this point in my pattern before you do, I will be sure to let you know if it is working or bombing.

Of course, should I see someone’s suggestion that actually works (tried and true versus my let’s see what happens attitude) then I will go that way.

Best of luck in your knitting endeavor.