Never leave your 'babies' in a locked, hot car!

The other day on my lunch hour I bought a new pair of Bryspun No. 6 needles. I love these needles; they’re smooth, great points, light, flexible! Everything you could ask for. I rushed back to the office and left them in my black car in 90+ degree weather for the afternoon. When I got home I shoved the needles in my purse and I think because they were hot, they bowed slightly. Needless to say, I’m sick.

Has anyone ever tried to straighten a pair of bent needles? These are some sort of nylon/plastic/acrylic something. I tried looking for a manufacturer on line but got nothing but resellers.

Any suggestions or should I just chalk it up to experience and vow never to mistreat my children so badly again?

whew…i was expecting some horrible tragedy that would make me mad! :crying:

You can try boiling them, then laying them flat on the counter. Use an oven mitt to “roll” them while they cool.

I can’t guarantee anything, but it’s worth a try! :slight_smile:

me too. at first i was like well duh, but then i read and you were right anyway cause i don’t let me kids play with my needles even if they can’t breck them… i don’t want them lost!

Yeah, I just read a story :crying:

Maybe you could leave them in the car again on the next hot day.

That was my idea too, Kemp!

Anyway, if you do ever leave a child locked in a car by accident, if you call pop-a-lock (and I am not advertising for them) they will respond to you in front of everyone else and get in your car free of charge. They won’t even take a tip if you try to give it to them. (And no, I never locked my children in the car…just something I know)


there are a lot of them that will do that. one of the ladies i work with at my p/t job accidentally locked her grandbaby in the car (thankfully it was during the 5 minutes of spring we had so not too hot and she knew it right away) and called the locksmith. they were there within like five minutes. of course she was hysterical because she couldn’t get the baby out of the car…poor thing…

All I can say is…great minds think alike. :wink: …lol; I was going to say the same thing that Silver said, of which I think would be your best bet.

Boo Hissss! (Sorry, my DH is a locksmith and Pop-A-Lock is competition.) :smiley:
And yes, most locksmiths will unlock your car for free when a child is locked in. DH gets to be a hero about once a week! Oh, AND it’s a priority call. When the call comes in, ALL calls are second fiddle to a baby in a car. A pet locked in a car is also a priority call, just one step below a child.

However, would you believe that they occasionally get a call when someone claims they’ve locked their baby in the car, just to get priority service!?! When that happens to DH, he gets there, sees that there’s no child in the car, then gets back in his car and leaves without unlocking it. And tells the customer he’ll be back later, IF he feels like it.

Sorry for hijacking! :wink:

Good for DH! :thumbsup: (Wow, what nerve of some people! :shock:)

Good luck straightening your needles CM.

My husband did locksmithing for a short time while laid off his computer job and it always made him feel good to get the kids out. At Christmas, some parents wanted to reward him, but he turned them down and told them to go buy toys for tots instead, and most walked over to the toy store and did. But, he would have done the same thing if they called in a fake call…he would have left and not gone back period.


What is WRONG with people!!! :rollseyes: