Never leave home without my knitting

:yay: :happydance: :woot: :woohoo: The car finally got fixed for around $1000.00 YIKES but it passed the state inspection and I had to go to court to pay my ticket. But at least the whole ordeal if fianlly done and overwith for a year. Now we just need to get our truck in for it’s inspection, which is overdue.

DD swam in her first USA Swim Meet last weekend. She now has some times to use as her base on which she can improve.

I have 8 new piano students which brings my grand total up to 13. I’m still doing the nanny thing 2 overnights each week and homeschooling my girls. DD1 will start softball next month so I will extra busy as a taxi driver getting my girls across the city to their practices.

I looking at taking a lace shawl class this next moth so that I can learn how to follow a chart and use a life line. The cost of the class is only $30.00 plus the cost of your materials. Not too bad! I can’t wait to learn some new techniques. And I’ve always wanted to knit myself a lace shawl. More updates on that later. Happy knitting!:knitting:

Nice to hear from you! I’m so glad you got the car fixed! :hug: Sounds like you’re crazy busy, but that’s a good thing. :thumbsup:

SNOW IN HOUSTON, TEXAS:noway: Just waiting for the main event to hit but Rachel still has swim practice OUTSIDE tonight! Last year they swam in the snow also, they don’t cancel a practice for anything. I thought that when we moved down here I wouldn’t have to put on another winter coat or freeze my butt off. This is the third year in a row that it has snowed in Houston.

HOUSTON!! That’s bizarre!! :zombie:

The weather men have egg on their face b/c all we got was freezing rain and ice, NO SNOW!!! Oh well, at least I dont’ have to make a shovel out of a broom handle and a cookie sheet :roflhard: What crazy weather.

They swim OUTSIDE? That sounds crazy! Whats the water temp?

Hi Brenda,
Yes, they swim outside come rain or shine, cold or hot, ice or snow. This is a USA Swim Team and they are very committed to their sport which DD loves. Her short term goal is to make qualifiying times to be able to move up a level. Her long term goal is to get a swim scholarship to University of Texas and then the Olympics and she is only 13 years old. What a determined young lady. She keeps me very busy.

My oldest will be starting her second season of softball at the end of the month. She is so excited and can’t wait for practice to begin. I’ll be a taxi driver all afternoon 5 days a week. It’s all good though because they enjoy being active and it keeps me young.

ONT: Socks for myself (finally a project for myself)

Tonight I left the house without my knitting. One of the other mom’s at swim practice is also a knitter and uses plastic shopping bags that she cuts up. What a neat way to make shopping bags out of a material that we would just throw away; and how cheap. She was shocked that I left home without mine and said that I need to have a back up little bag with a set of needles and a ball of yarn. Not a bad idea! I’m going to have to use that one. DD told me that knitting is my drug. I guess that it is:teehee:

Lol! At least your drug doesn’t give you liver problems, right? Better yet, start knitting a bag… once you get the bottom done and start the sides, it contains its own things needed to make it with! As for the plastic grocery bags, we either recycle them (and see them at the store in a new form when we shop again) or twist them up into a ball for the cat… she’s so crazy! She loves the crinkle of plastic… She never tears them up and with it twisted up so securely, it’s very safe. When an end comes undone, she brings it to one of us so we can repair it lol! I think when I’m done knitting my bag I’m going to line it and maybe put leather on the bottom. It’s a good thing I’m past the patterning and to the colorwork part because I lost the pattern a while ago! I’ve been doing this off and on, with other projects taking priority. My mom looks at me aghast like: how could you do that?? but this project for me has just seemed like the one that you never really have to finish. Maybe it’s because I’m still planning out the colorwork part…

Starting a bag is a really good idea. I have plenty of yarn in my stash to use and then keep and extra set of knitting needles in it and a ball of cotton yarn for dish clothes. I have plenty of patterns to keep me busy and plenty of cotton yarn also. Thanks for the great idea.

Well, we had a very busy weekend with the Gulf Short Course Swim Championship Swim Meet. Rachel dropped her times by 3-10 seconds in all events except one. All in all it was a good meet for her.

I also found out last week that I’m going to be a great aunt again :happydance: So now I will need to knit 2 baby blankets; one for the new great neice/nephew and one for my SIL who is due in May. I’m going to use a feather and fan pattern I found on Raverly for both blankets.

Softball season begins next Monday, so I’ll be busy with being a taxi service for both my girls. I just hope that I will have some time to knit in between while I wait for them to finish practices.

I have finished my CoCoKnits top and will try to post pics on Ravelry soon. Rachel and I are now working on a Racer Back Vest for the summer as a knit along. It is so much fun to be able to knit along on a project with me DD.

Rebecca, our oldest, is now playing softball and has lost 8lbs. She is trying so hard to loose some weight, eat healthy and get in better shape.

Rachel, our youngest, is still swimming with The Dad’s Club USA Swim Team. This month she will have the opportunity to train with two Olympic Swimmers for 4 hours. She is super excited :woohoo: Her coach has also asked her to participate in an open lake swim that is 800 Meters at the end of the month.

As you can tell, life is pretty busy for me but I love my life. Tonight was the opening day of Major League Baseball (which I love) For my birthday, valentines day, anniversary and mother’s day, DH ordered MLB on Direct TV for me so that I can knit and watch the MN Twins Baseball games. What a sweetheart, now I have something else to yell at instead of him :teehee: the TV!!! :roflhard:

Be sure to look on my Raverly page to see what I’ve been knitting

Can’t wait to see your top! Congrats to your daughters! That’s awesome!

Pictures are now posted on Raverly.

The names of the Olympic Swimmers are Josh Davis and Kathleen Hershey.

It has been a long time since I have posted something in blog land. On May 23rd the girls and I were in a major car accident. We were side swipped and then forced into a light pole head on. I hit my head on the steering wheel (air bags didn’t deploy) but thanks to my thick German head I didn’t have any injuries. Rebecca had some bruises and PTSD so it was hard for her to recover emotionally. She is much better now. Rachel got the worst of it. She tore ligaments in her neck and had to miss the whole long course swimming season. She underwent physical therapy for about a month and is just getting back into the water to train. She has healed from her injuries and is looking forward to the next swim season to begin. The time off gave her time to look at other swim teams and she decided to move to a different team. Now that we finally replaced the car I will be doing a lot of driving since the new team is 22 miles (one way) from our house.

The other big news at our house is that I am going back to school. On August 14th I begin working on my Masters in Education~Curriculum and Inclusion/Special Education. I have wanted to get my Masters for the past 17 years and decided that now is the time to go for it. I’m afraid that my time will be spend with my head in the books and my knitting needles will get dusty. Maybe I can keep a few small projects going just to help keep my sanity :teehee:

OMG! That’s awful! I’m glad to hear you and your girls are okay and doing well now.

Good for you! It’s a lot of time and expense in getting an education, but it’s worth it in the long run for your self esteem and even your career. :thumbsup:

Nice to hear from you again!

It has been a long time since I’ve been to the web site since things in life are getting busy. I am half way through my first class and so far so things are going well. I have an A- average thus far and love the accelerated pace of the class. The biggest challenge for me has been the computer technology but I am getting it figured out. I even submitted my first power point presentation.

On the knitting front I am currently working on a market bag out of cotton. That is going well also. I will try to post pictures when I get done if it turns out.

I thought I would grab any of your questions that I could answer :slight_smile:

  1. I am 55 years old.
    I have an ICD unit attached to my heart and it keeps me alive.

  2. I have two daughters and one son in law and one prospective son in law.

  3. My husband is 3 1/2 years older than me: cloud9

  4. I have 5 nieces and 1 nephew

  5. I have 4 great nieces and 5 great nephews

  6. I love to knit

  7. I love to spin

  8. I love to quilt.

  9. I love to hand quilt.

  10. I love to make a joyful noise unto the Lord:)

  11. I played the flute

  12. I took 1 year of French in high school, still can’t speak it;)

  13. I want to learn american sign language

  14. I like to read educational books, ias that the same as how to books;)

  15. I have read every book in the blossom street series

  16. I used to be a night person but I have become a morning person that naps in the afternoon:)

  17. I love to bake and cook, when I am in the mood.

  18. I used to like to dance

  19. I like to lay in bed and listen to the rain.

  20. I’m not athletic

  21. My dream car is an electric car

  22. I have been married for 34 years

  23. I love animals

  24. I don’t have a favorite color–I love all colors and hues

  25. My favorite holiday is Christmas

  26. I like snow :shrug: go figure

  27. My favorite season is fall

  28. I hate cleaning the house

  29. I love to cook and bake

  30. I hate doing dishes

  31. I like the Beatles

  32. I love science, and science fiction.

  33. I like to go camping and be outdoors

  34. My dream vacation would be to go to Scotland

  35. I’m a people pleaser

  36. I have a hard time telling people “no”

  37. My fabric stash is bigger than my yarn stash

  38. I collect 30’s reproduction fabric

  39. I love spending time with my girls

  40. I like to knit and watch movies or tv

  41. I love flowers

  42. I’m stubborn

  43. I’m Scot/Irish/Welsh/German/Wyandot/and Grammaw said a pinch of Dutch.

  44. My husband is Scot/Irish/Welsh/German/Cherokee/French.
    We are both from the melting pot of USA.

  45. My favorite pie is lemon merigne

  46. I love wedding cake

  47. I don’t drink

  48. I don’t smoke

  49. Most people think I’m boring

  50. My next knitting challenge will be to knit a sweater

  51. I watch Disney channel with my girls

  52. I have a sweet tooth

  53. I have a phobia of snakes, spiders, any bug.

  54. I live in the hills, by a river.

  55. I wear my heart on my sleeve

  56. I don’t cry easily, since I started taking happy pill’s aka antidepressants.

  57. I have a purple thumb

  58. I’m cold blooded

  59. Am I boring you yet?

  60. I try to journal, pitifully I might add;)

  61. I love to watch NCIS, NCISLos Angeles, and Person of Interest.

  62. I drive for a friend, my duaghter has my car, and I will get one when I find the one that I want.

  63. I was engaged for 2 months, and we have been married for 34 years. :slight_smile:

  64. I listen to all kinds of music

  65. I have too many crafts going at once

  66. I love to shop, for fabric, yarn or any tool to use in quilting or knitting or weaving, or spinning. :slight_smile:

  67. My goal in life is to make my husband smile/laugh every day

  68. I love sweats and tee shrits

Keep on knitting![!

Soosan, if you want to start a blog here you have to start your own topic. If you decide that you want to do that I can move your thread to it’s own topic or we can just leave it if you don’t intend to update or anything. Mamapaulsel isn’t active here anymore either.

I hope you will be okay. My prayers are with you.

Glad to hear you’re doing okay.