Never leave home without my knitting


Good luck! I tried to teach on of my co-workers to knit that I am friends with, but she didn’t catch on. Besides, her boys took the nice bamboo knitting needles that I gave her and sharpened them in a pencil sharpener. Boys, I guess they needed a better weapon :roflhard:


I have a DD that crochet’s with me and the other DD is the one who got me started in knitting b/c she wanted to learn. However, now she doesn’t have the time or patience to want to knit :pout: At least she gave me the gift of this beautiful craft that I’m now obsessed with :roflhard:


AHHHHHHHH, Thursday :yay: 4 piano lessons today, homeschool and then I can sit down with my knitting and watch the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. What a great way to end a day, good tv mixed with some good knitting:thumbsup:


Those are two of my favorite shows too. I can’t wait to see the finale for Grey’s, but I think Private Practice’s finale was last week.

Do you like “Flash Forward” as well?


It was! I hope you recorded it Brenda! These are two of my favorite shows as well.


Silly me:teehee: I did see Private Practice last week. I’m so used to looking forward to Thursday night TV that I forgot about last weeks finale. I enjoyed Grey’s tonight but could have done without all of the extra long commercials~UGH!!! It was so good that I didn’t even pick up a pair of knitting needles :noway: However, I did get in 4 rows of knitting while sitting at red lights in traffic today :happydance: DH was not happy when I told him what I had done. He told me that I’d better not start knitting while driving :roflhard: My DD’s just told me that I have a problem, it’s called OCD:teehee: My only answer to all of them is this: “Hi, my name is Brenda and I’m a KNITTER!!!” :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:


lol yea greys was good last night the only good thing about those long commercials was that was the only time all night i got to knit…my boyfriend kept coming out and asking me why i was screaming…i was like they keep shooting and killing people…


I was exhausted by the end of the show. Couldn’t even knit while watching. I figured as tense as I was, the Oddball Pet Snuggle that I am working on would turn out to be a potholder instead.


At least you could knit, my family was too talkative during the commercials for me to concentrate on knitting.


:roflhard: :roflhard: I know what you mean, Melanie. It was a pretty intense show. Baily was smart by telling he shooter that she was a nurse. I wonder if they will make Richard Cheif of Surgery again next season. :??


Both of our DD’s are being Confirmed in the Faith this Sunday along with their first Communion. What a big day that we have been preparing for. I wish that my siblings could have come down for the event, but it was too far of a drive. Guess we’re stuck with the in-laws. At least we have friends that will be there for the girls to support them. I’m sure that I’ll have pictures to post of the Blessed Day. :doh: Almost forgot, I promised DH that I would go pick up his suit from the cleaners today. I’d better remember to do that or he won’t have anything to wear :teehee:


i think this was their way of working richard back into the cheif’s position…someone will need to take over while Derek recovers and with what Richard did with the whole situation they’ll see that he’s back to himself and able to handle it…esp Derek didn’t seem to be enjoying it that much


Holy smokes…:zombie: I just watched my recording of Grey’s and I was frankly glad for a few seconds of commercial to breathe and get my blood pressure back to normal. What a show!

I hate that we won’t know all who survived for sure till next season though! They always do that!!! :doh:


That’s to keep us coming back! (not that we wouldn’t anyway though.)


I agree with you, Abby. Richard’s charachter showed great strength when he poured out the Vodka and gave his little speach.


VERY TRUE :teehee:


Did any of you watch Clebrity Apprentice? I normally don’t watch that one but my boss records it so I started to watch it. I was cheering for both of the finalists last night b/c our family is dealing with both of those issues. DH is a diabetic and DD has Asperger’s (high functioning autism). In my opinion, Bret won on sympathy. I bought his Snapple tea today and it’s ok, not my favorite. I wonder how Holly’s tea was? The compassion berry sounded like something that I would like better.


Well, our garden is growing like gang busters :teehee: I’ve been going from neighbor to neighbor peddling my produce :roflhard: So far they haven’t thrown it back at me so they must appreciate me sharing. I have more tomatoes, spaghetti squash, yellow squash and zuchinni than I know what to do with. Tomorrow I must slice the yellow squash and freeze it or it will go bad on me. Then I want to try to bake the spaghetti squash and see how well that will freeze. I also want to try making DH’s grandmother’s spaghetti sauce with our vine ripe tomatoes. (She is the one that passed away last month) She gave me her recipe when we were first married and I want to surprise DH with a nice Italian meal:mmm:

I’ve been doing so many odd ball baby blankets lately that the past two days I’ve been working on a scarf for myself. It’s kind of fun to work on a “selfish” project every now and again. I have lost my momentum for c-mas presents. Hopefully I can get into the swing of things soon or I won’t make the deadline I’ve set for myself.

Off to bed again. That’s all I’ve been doing these days. I’m so tired ALL of the time, pale and have lost about 30 lbs since the first of the year without trying. DH and I went in for some blood work this past week. Crossed Fingers that it is nothing to worry about. With all of the cancer in my family history DD’s are worried about good old mom. Bless their little hearts. I’m sure that it’s nothing to worry about. I hope.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend y’all :muah: :hug:


You’ve been under a lot of stress with your extended family plus your own money and kid worries. That can make you not hungry, but that’s a lot of weight so I’m glad you’re getting it checked out. :hug:

Wow, that’s a lot of veggies! I hope they freeze well so you can enjoy the bounty out of season and in lean times! :thumbsup:


I used to love making Lasagna with Zuchinni instead of pasta noodles. You try one and if you like it, then you can slice the zuchinni that way also and freeze it. I usually use a cheese slicer type thing to it to fairly consistant slices. I do miss my garden - most weekends I’d have two HUGE pots going cooking tomatoes down for sauce. My house always smelled good!

Let me know if you try the Lasana. I love substituting Zuchinni for pasta because then ya don’t feel as guilty when you have that 3rd peice. lol!!