Never leave home without my knitting


:sad: sorry for your loss


There are always times of feast of famine at our house, as I’m sure there are in every house these days. Right now we are in a famine (which never seems to end for us). So I posted a add on our homeschool forum for a piano teacher in need of students. I’ve gotten 2 new students and the possibility of 2 more. Please keep your fingers crossed that I get a bunch more students. We need to have money for our AC this summer and it gets REALLY, REALLY :hot: here in Houston.


Your DH is still working I hope? I know it’s hard to live on one income anymore though. :hair: I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and send good vibes! Crossed Fingers :hug:


Thanks, Jan. Yes, DH is still working at his new job plus his side business. We never see him because he is so busy. Yesterday I got a call from the YMCA where I applied for summer employment. They hired me :thumbsup: plus I’ve gotten 5 new piano students which puts me up to a total of 8 students for the summer. I’m never going to see my girls this summer because I still have the nanny job that is 2 overnights per week, 8 piano students and now the part time job at the YMCA. That job alone will be about 30-35 hours per week :passedout: Gee, I hope that I will be able to fit my :knitting: in there somewhere this summer. But you have to do what you have to in order to pay your bills. Our electric bill alone last summer for one month was almost $600.00 :noway: That takes a huge chunk out of a person’s paycheck. I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s only for the summer and maybe things can go back to normal. Like I’ve said before, “it’s feast or famine”!:teehee:


Whoa… $600…:passedout: Well with any luck you can save a little money somewhere along the way between the two of you for the next bump in the road. If not at least you’ll be able to stay cool and eat this summer. :thumbsup: Congrats on the jobs!


Softball season is over with so maybe now we can get back into a normal routine. Things have been really different this month with the addition of a sport and a funeral. I guess that’s just life, always changing. Off to help DD clean her room, we may need to get a dumpster and some shovels :roflhard: It’s a little overwhelming for her with her Asperger’s so I’m going to cave in and help her. Normally I encourage her to do it on her own but it just needs to get done.


Kids rooms can get so overwhelming! No matter how much you tell them that if they’d put stuff away right away it wouldn’t get that way it still gets that way.:doh: We had an extra bedroom for awhile that we used as a playroom… it was a toy explosion all the time. :lol:


Toy Explosion:roflhard: I remember those day! Now it’s just the normal teenager rolling of the eyes about having to do any work that you ask them to do. My grandmother used to say, “little kids little worries, big kids big worries!” The older my children get the more I understand her wisdom.
Off to journal and knit on an odd ball baby blanket before I hit the pillow. It’s been a long day of laundry (can’t imagine why :teehee: ), homeschoo, and running errands. I found all of the curriculum I need for Becca for this summer at the HomeSchool Store for only $94.00 :woot: The best part is that we are going “green” with using used school books :thumbsup: Now I just need to motivate her to get the work done. UGH~teenagers!:wink:


Summer has arrived in Houston, TX :hot: I may need on of these :clink: tomorrow :roflhard:

My girls are at a lock in at church with the youth group in preparation for their Confirmation. I can’t sleep and wish that I could. Guess that’s it’s time to :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:


I might be a “grandma” :roflhard: Long story, but here is the short summary. A little Chihuahua found his way to our back yard one day while our Zoey was outside to potty. It was not our intention for her to get pregnant but it happened faster than we could stop it. Time will tell if there will be puppies at our house.


Oh no…more mouths to feed! :lol: You might want to find a low cost spaying clinic later. :teehee:


We have to wait and see if she is pregnant. If she isn’t then she will be getting fixed. If she is we won’t be keeping the puppies, but try to find them good homes. I guess that time will tell …

The girls have their public questioning for Confirmaiton at church this Friday night. Then on the 23rd they will be Confirmed in the Lutheran Church and receive their first Communion. It’s been a long year of hard work for both girls. I am so proud of them. I just wish that some of my family could make it down to Texas for the big event. :pout: Sad that they won’t be here.

Tomorrow is a busy day with 4 piano students, a baby sitting job, homeschool, etc…so I’m off to :passedout:


I think that the poor dog has morning sickness :teehee: DD took her for a walk today and she came back into the house, laid down then threw up. Luckily I had a blanket on my chair to protect it.

Last night I helped my neighbor with the single crochet and finishing touches on her knitting project. It was stunning :inlove: :inlove: She knit a shrug that was on the cover of last springs issue of Vogue Knitting. I may have to borrow her copy and make one for myself. She did a wonderful job. I’m off to get dinner going, pack by overnight bag for tonight while I continue to work on laundry. I have to make sure that I have a knitting project with me tonight.


How fun to have a neighbor who knits, too! :yay:


:roflhard: :roflhard:

After reading about your girls in a lock in and then THIS post, my first thought was “oh no…there’s no way!!”…then “she’s LAUGHING about it???”, then I saw the chihuahua part, and thought “what was I even thinking?” (I have two daughters too, but they’re grown.):wink:

Best of luck with your furbaby! :hug:


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: I can see where it would be a little confusing but thank God my DD’s are not the one expecting. It’s my Chihuahua, Zoey, and boy is she ever hormonal. The new puppies should arrive (if she is pregnant like we think) the beginning of July. They might even be fire cracker puppies :roflhard: :roflhard:


It is a lot of fun to have a neighbor that shares the same interests. One of these days we are going to have to sit down with a glass of ice tea and our knitting. Won’t that be fun :knitting: :thumbsup:


Yep, that’ll be awesome and bonding! Other than my knit night friends I don’t know anyone who knits. Weird.


yea its hard for me to find fellow knitters…my ex-step mother knits but she’s out of the picture…luckily…however my one girlfriend kind of knits (being she tried to knit a scarf once and got 12 rows in and now it sits in her closet…so my mission this summer is to get her to learn to knit…:happydance:


I didn’t know very many knitters either (except y’all!), so I taught one of my daughters, and I taught my best friend. And yes, it would be fun to get together and knit together.