Never leave home without my knitting


I love that hat! Rebecca looks so cute in it…maybe you should surprise her with her very own. (Easy for me to say, huh?)


I agree with you, Melanie. I think that I might knit her a hat in pink Alpaca. Rachel hates pink so I will probably do one for her in blue, her favorite color.

Today I’m packing for the beach. Spring Break :woot: :woohoo: I’m going to take the girls down for the week so that we can relax and get some sunshine.


Have a wonderful time at the beach! We used to visit friends at Crystal Beach, and then later they had a beach house in Galveston. Great times!


Spring Break was sooooo much fun. My girls and I just walked along the beach and found some beautiful shell that are hard to find. Rebecca went fishing while Rachel and I worked on crafts. We also watched movies and just relaxed. It was GREAT!!!

Now back to the real world of work and homeschool.


I hope that everyone had a nice Easter. We went to church, then the in-laws for lunch. They started to eat before we arrived and didn’t bother to wait for us. I guess that some things never change~LOL! Then DH had to come home to take a nap before he went into work for the night. So off the the movies for the girls and I. We went to see “Last Song” and it was a real tear jerker. I cried my eyes out, but it was a good cry. It let out a lot of feelings that needed to come out so that was good.

My Christmas knitting has hit a real slow period. I have three gifts done and it’s getting too hot in Texas to work on my MIL’s throw. Maybe when we turn on the AC units in another month (I hope not until then) I’ll feel more like working on it. I’ve decided to knit some felted oven mits for the chefs in the family and some socks for FIL. That should take care of all the in-laws. Besides, they oven mits and socks should go fast and not be too hot to work with at the current time. So off to the LYS I go sometime this week to get some yarn:woohoo: I haven’t been able to afford nice yarn for some time now so I’m really excited :teehee:

Time for bed. Keep :knitting:


I have to share this positive with y’all. Rebecca was able to join a girls softball team. A small christian school has a team but not enough players, so they let homeschool girls join the team. She has found her niche and is very happy. In fact she is beaming as she talks about softball and the team. I was also able to sign her up for softball at the YMCA since they extended the age to 14. She will be 15 in June and they play their last game the day before her birthday. It all worked out rather nicely. :woot: for Rebecca.

:balloons: :present: for Rachel who is 13 today and an official teenager. Every minute with them is so precious, they grow up so fast. I want to enjoy all the time I can with them before they are all grown up and on their own.


I left the house today without my knitting:noway: which I never do. Things have been so busy and hot the past week that I just didn’t feel up to knitting. From the looks of it, things are not going to slow down anytime soon. I’m just going to have to buck up and hang in there like everyone else:teehee: At least the cool front has moved through and I’ve got the screens on the windows duct tapped in so that the cat won’t push them out. Now we can open our windows and enjoy the cool breeze:cheering:


It’s been upper 80’s here, but with low humidity and upper 80’s in DC, but with high humidity. Weird every where~


So true, Jan. This morning I had to put on a sweat shirt and I’m cold because it’s in the 40’s. We go from sweating like crazy to being cold in a day. Not that I’m complaining, I can always put on more clothes but I can only take so much off :roflhard:

Since it’s on the cool side maybe I’ll try to fit in some time to work on the throw for MIL’s c-mas present. This would be a perfect time to get some more of it finished.:knitting:


Please keep our family in your thoughts. DH’s grandmother is not doing well and they think that it won’t be long now. Her Alzheimer’s has gotten really bad, she doesn’t want to eat and cannot get out of bed. Her daughter’s are there around the clock caring for her and their father but it’s just a matter of time. My MIL thought last night that it would probably be within the month. This is the grandmother that pretty much raised my DH until he was 5yrs old. She is very dear to him and they were very close. I’m sure that his grandfather is going to have a very difficult time when she does pass on. DH has to go over there today and work on some things for his grandpa and I’m sure that he will enjoy the visit. I think that the girls and I will go over for a little while too just to say HI and let them know that we are thinking of them.


:hug: :pray:


DH went to visit his grandparents today, he has been very quiet ever since. His grandfather really enjoyed the company. Grandma did recoganize DH but she can’t really speak. It’s hard for DH to see her like this.

We took the girls to their first Major League Baseball game tonight. It was what Rachel wanted for her birthday(even thought it wasn’t our Minnesota Twins). We all had fun and would like to go again to see a MLB game. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to become an Astro’s fan, I will ALWAYS be true to my MN TWINS!!! But we love baseball and it was fun to see a game. I even took an oddball baby blanket with me to the game to work on. I’ll post a picture later :knitting: :thumbsup:


I’ve been working on the prettiest little odd ball baby blankets. I am just amazed at the talent some of these ladies have and am humbled. It is awe inspiring to see these little creations come to life.

Other than knitting, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my garden, which is looking beautiful. The best fertilizer is bunny poop, I kid you not. Every year that we’ve had a bunny and use the droppings in the garden, we have a great garden. I’m going to look on line later for some organic gardening sites. DH has been using seven dust on some of the plants and I would rather do it all organic, if possible.

Extra baby sitting jobs have also kept me busy the past week in addition to being a taxi driver for Becca and her softball practices. I’ve had so much to do the past few days that her dad has had to drive her. It’s giving them time to bond which is a good thing.

Off to shower, knit, watch Top Chef Masters and take care of Rachel who is sick again :sad: Poor kid, everytime she has dairy or gluten she ends up getting sick with fever, body aches, sore throat and throwing up. Her body just can’t handle any dairy or gluten. We thought that the vegan cheese she was eating was ok for her, but she is getting sick from it. I wish that I could make her feel better but all I can do is give her some TLC and wait for it to work its way out of her system.


DH’s grandmother passed away last night around 7:30. The funeral will probably take place on Monday. It is a blessing that she does not have to suffer any longer. Please keep our family in your thoughts.


:pray: :hug:


:muah: Today was a marathon shopping spree trying to find appropriate clothes for the girls to wear to a funeral. At the ages of 13 and almost 15 it’s hard to find nice things cheap. I was albe to find Rebecca a black shirt at Talbots Outlet for $7.00 that was originally $108.00; we also found a pink tee shirt and black 3/4 length, short waisted sweater to go with the skirt. She also found some black pumps at Ross to complete her outfit. It makes her look very sofisticated. Rachel was able to find a complete outfit of mixing and matching things at Talbot’s Outlet that saved us $187.00 :happydance: She found a black and white pin stripe pencil skirt, black sweater tank and black cardigan, all for $20.58:woohoo: I found a new shirt and tie for DH that was originally $50.00 at JCPenny’s on sale for $19.99 :woot: and a black dress for myself at Marshall’s for $29.99 :cheering: My MIL is really into fashion and buying quality clothing so I’m glad that we could find some nice things that we could afford. We’ve just been getting by with the same church outfits for the past year and a half so I’d say that it was time for something new.

After our shopping it was time to head out to Rebecca’s softball game. She got to play in her first game and was so excited to receive her team jersey. The first time up to bat she was hit with the ball and took her base. By the time the other batter’s batted she made it home to score for the team. The second time up to bat she hit a line drive and was tagged out on her way to first base. Not bad for her first game EVER! We are very proud of her for getting out there and playing her best. For a teenager with Asperger’s she is making huge strides. Outfield she played right field and center. This next week will be busy since she has practice Monday, game Tuesday, practice Wednesday, game Thrusday and Friday they travel to San Antonio for a game. She is very excited about that, because she gets to ride on a school bus with the team. Another first for her since we homeschool. It will also be her first time in San Antonio but they won’t get to see the river walk or the Alamo. Maybe that will have to be a trip for this summer or fall as a family mini vacation.

All of this softball stuff is happening inbetween my nanny job, piano lessons, swimming practice, homeschool, Confirmation classes, a funeral, extra baby sitting, housework/laundry/cooking and of course :knitting: I have to keep my sanity somehow :teehee:

Have a great weekend Y’ALL:hug:


Wow you’re busy! :zombie: Sorry to hear about your DH’s grandma. :hug:


Well, I think that things are getting back to normal at our house. This past week was a very busy one filled with a lot of emotion and family. Four days with my DH’s side of the family will drain the energy out of anyone :teehee: Today I worked on grading lots of papers for homeschool that I’ve been putting off since the first of the year. It took me all day just to do Rachel’s papers and get them into the grade book. Tomorrow I need to work on Becca’s along with a bunch of other stuff. Rachel hasn’t been feeling well for two weeks now so I need to take her to see my FIL at his office, give a piano lesson and then Becca has a softball game. Friday she is supposed to have a game in San Antonio but we are not sure if it will fall through or not. I’m kind of hoping that I won’t have to drive after the busy week we’ve had. I need to get some knitting done at some point :teehee: Oh, and I also have a job interview at the YMCA for a summer job tomorrow night. I can’t forget about that because we need the extra income to pay for our electric bill this summer. So wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed that I get a job offer. :thumbsup:


Family can be exhausting. :hair:Hope Rachel feels better soon! Good luck with the job!

Crossed Fingers


Well, that was a new experience last night. I’ve never been part of a group interview. And when I say group, I mean that there was a group of 18 people that had to participate in group activities, while being observed as to how we interacted with each other. This was all after we filled out about 8 pages of interview questions. Once all of this took place they choose some people to call in for a one on one interview. I was one of the lucky people to get a private interview. If I get the job I will find out by the 15th of next month. I’m not so sure that this is the job for me but if it’s meant to be then it will be. Thanks for the well wishes, Jan.