Never leave home without my knitting


Rachel agian with the yarn over scarf. I think that she makes a great model :teehee:


Tonight we went to Hobby Lobby and I bought the yarn for MIL’s throw. I choose a deep burgandy color in I Love This Yarn, size 17 circs and some extra large stitch markers to fit those big needles. Tomorrow I plan on beginning the next C-mas present. Hey, I’m on a roll :teehee:


You go girl!!! By the way, Rachel is a very pretty model. Are those the scarves that you made for next Christmas? I like those!


Thanks, Melanie. I’m very proud of my girls, they are a gift from God.

On the knitting front~~~FRUSTRATION!!! I have started and frogged the throw “4” times now. The conclusion is that #1 I hate size 17 needles, #2 I can’t knit and watch Harry Potter at the same time :teehee: Off to begin again with smaller needles. :knitting:


I’ve had to frog and start that throw 7 times now :shock: But :figureditout: I finally figured it out :woot: I’m now on row 18 and do not plan on frogging it again Crossed Fingers I can start to see the pretty pattern begin to take shape and I’m getting more excited about it.

Tonight, off to Nanny and maybe watch an old home video with my girls. After searching all day on Friday, I found the lost box with all of our old videos in them. And of course, work on some more knitting:knitting: :teehee:


:balloons: Today I am 41 years young :teehee: I celebrated by taking my girls shopping. We finally found pretty white dresses for their Confirmation in May. :woot: Marshall’s had some nice dresses that were white and would be appropriate for the event. One thing to cross off my list of “to do” for their big day. And the best part was the price $39.99/dress, you can’t beat that:thumbsup:

Now, we’re off to work where we’ll watch a movie, have birthday cake and :knitting: Life is good!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY:hug: And a beautiful day it was…I ordered that Texas sunshine just for you:teehee:


Thanks! The year I was born was one of the worst winter’s in South Dakota. There was a terrible blizzard the day I was born and my parents had to follow the snow plow to the hospital. Every year it would snow on my birthday. Well, yesterday was a beautiful day here in Texas, sunshine gallore:mrgreen: Today it is even prettier :woohoo:

My throw is coming along nicely. I’m almost done with the second repeat of the pattern. So glad that I’m starting this Christmas knitting early because I think that I’d drive myself insane if I waited to get it all done. Not that I need much help in the insane department :roflhard:


OH! Happy belated birthday!! :yay:

You are SO smart to get some of the holiday knits done early!!


Hope you had a very happy birthday!! :muah:


Hope your birthday was awesome! :hug:


:grphug: :muah: Thanks so much ladies! I had a great day with lots of well wishes from family and friends on Face Book.

YIPEE~ Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and lots of knitting tonight. :thumbsup:


Today I found some Bernat Alpaca in Natural at Hobby Lobby. It was on sale for $2.81/skein, so I bought 2 skeins. I think that it will knit up some nice caps for Christas presents. It is soooooo soft.


I bought 2 skeins in natural a while back and haven’t made anything with them yet! They are so soft though…thinking maybe fingerless mitts for me!


That sounds like a good plan, Jan. I’m glad that I started the throw so early because I already feel like I need a break from it. I like to keep several projects going at the same time so that I don’t get bored with what I’m knitting. I need some variety. Maybe I’ll start one of the oher projects this week.


I love the Alpaca yarn. I made a pullover with it recently, and it felt wonderful in my hands!


I’m just itching to start using the Alpaca yarn. Maybe tonight at work, I’ll start a cap. :slight_smile:


I just couldn’t help myself. Once I started knitting with the Alpaca yarn I just had to finish the project. I made a cable knit hat for my BIL for c-mas. Rebecca is my model this time and she wants to keep the hat for herself. Silly girl, :teehee: then I’d have to knit something else for BIL.


That is a gorgeous hat, Brenda! :inlove: How many did you cast on for that yarn?


Thanks, Jan! I cast on 88 with the Alpaca yarn. It is soooo soft I just want to snuggle up with it :teehee: I found the pattern on Raverly, it’s called Head Huggers: Pattern: Cable Knit Hat and was a free pattern. This past weekend I knit a Key Hole Scarf in the Alpace to go with the hat. I sure hope that my BIL will enjoy them for c-mas. The other two BIL’s are going to get felted oven mits. One is a chef and the other does a lot of cooking with cast iron dutch ovens when they go camping. I thought that oven mits would be the perfect gift for them. Something fast and easy to knit up.

Tomorrow we’re off the the beach, the girls and I. DH has to stay at home and work but he’ll come down late Thursday night after work. I can’t wait to get away for a little while, it should be fun.