Never Hurry Too Much

I had finished a nice, top-down raglan sweater for my grandson. However, the sleeves were a pinch too short, and a little tight on the wrists. So, I carefully snipped off the bind off row - froogged it back a few inches, picked up the stitches and re-worked it as needed. Then he tried it on. Perfect. Next, I went to quickly do the other sleeve so he could take it home with him that day, and I SNIPPED OFF AND FROGGED the sleeve I had just re-done! aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh. Oh man, I felt bad. However, it finally got finished, and he has it now. He really likes it too. I’ll try to get a picture.:):slight_smile:

I wish I had a dime for every time I have done something like that. My son once remarked that it was a good thing I never became a surgeon. I get so excited to finish something and see them wear it.

You snipped it off? :?? My cardi sleeves were too short so I just unpicked the bind off and made them longer.

Glad you got it all worked out!

I would of just fixed the wrists and say it is a shirt, not a sweater. I hate having to work on “finished” projects.

Jan, I had woven in the ends, and sealed the deal with fray check, so unpicking the bind off was really fiddly. The snipping was an easy thing, actually. I had to get rid of the bits of yarn that had fray-check on them. I also had to go up above the last 2 decreases, to make them bigger around, so it was more than just adding on to the ribbed cuff.

Oh I see. Makes sense if you use Fray Check. I never use that so mine were just the yarn.

The fray check seems to help on garments for little kids that get pulled and tugged-on mercilessly. For adult things, or nicer things, I don’t generally use it. I just hate seeing those ends pop through at a neck though.

Thanks for giving me some new ideas when I screw up!

I am relatively new to knitting, and yet haven’t had anything quite as epicly tragic happen to me. But I pull that kind of crap all the time.