Never done

Ohh I can’t wait to see your daughter’s shawl…very pretty…:happydance:

Omigosh, that twin trees skirt is so pretty! I’m just learning cables and love that pattern! Mary

Thank you, ladies!

This stitch pattern(that you see on skirt) I decoded from bulgarian sweater and added lower part with my imagination.

Some times I can read stitch pattern without graph or word explanation.:stuck_out_tongue:

mwhite, click on this skirt-- and you’ll see slideshow with aran knitting

I am just astounded with your work!!! Thanks so much for sharing and I’ll be watching your blog for sure!!!

Lovely work! I will be watching your blog too.

WOW, I read your blog, and your work is just AMAZING! It’s all so beautiful!

oh I love the butterflies!! super job