Never as good as mine - Totally OT

how many times have you had one of your favorite dishes prepared by someone you know is a MUCH better cook than you are
and you think
I just knew this would be better than mine, why isn’t it

My daughter just made fresh Pesto using my recipe
and it was bland and salty at the same time

Now I am feeling compelled to go get a NEW batch of Basil, and some pine nuts and make a batch just the way I like it
sweet and nutty, with that amazing fresh basil flavor and a touch of garlic

Same with my Beef stew, ratatouille, and chicken veggie soup
Iused to make a great pasta sauce, but I lost the knack

I have the opposite problem. I’m regarded as a ‘really good cook’ and baker, and friends are always saying, “well, it’s not going to be as good as yours.” It doesnt’ have to be, it’s yours! I’m just happy I didn’t have to cook, and that adds ten points to whatever you made, however you made it.

Have to admit, there have been a few times we’ve stopped and picked up a pizza on the way home.

Not a big fan of pesto, just plain, but it does have to be made with really fresh basil; and please, don’t try to pass off any of that ‘pea’ pesto on me as the real thing.

Agree… if someone else is cooking, I’m glad they did because I didn’t have to!