Never Again

My dear husband, in a fit of love for me, or revenge for ignoring his attempts at conversation while pattern reading, decided to buy me Needles in A Bag or some conglomeration that Boye thought out to get rid of crap needles. So tonight, when the circulars were just not working and DPNs were too short, I decided I would try these out, since they were right there… and he was right there…

I would rather eat the paint off a stucco house rather than try to finish this product with them. It’s like trying to knit in molasses. Either than or someone has sprayed the needles with that spray that beauty contestants use to keep their bathing suits from riding up their behinds. Tomorrow I am slipping out to get my oil changes and quickly find some decent needles to finish this scarf with.

ROLF. I can relate. Who wants to work with needles that fight you?

Personally, I hate using plastic needles. So much so that I avoid knitting anything in a size #10 or larger.

:noway: Yikes! Now those are some bad needles! Good of hubby to try though! :thumbsup:

I totally have turned into a needle snob. I’ve gotten so used to Addi Turbos and KP Options that I just can’t work on anything thats not nickel plated anymore. It’s no fun when you have to argue with your needles and scream explitives at them.

I tried knitting on a set of Boye needles not too long ago because I was going back to using some straight needles. I hated them. HATED. Now, I take the straights that I have and I give them to friends who are interested in learning because I won’t use them myself anymore.

I totally agree! Once I found Addi Turbos my life was changed. No more to those cheap aluminum ones! Amen!

I ordered some Addi Turbos yesterday.

I had a interesting needle problem last week…this might be a good time to share…

I was knitting a shawl with ladder yarn/railroad yarn(i know, it was NOT my choice of yarn! it was for a customer)
So i pulled out the addi’s as i always do…to my amazement, i was fighting more than i was knitting. with my addi’s. i was in shock actually.

So i pulled out the bamboo straits. Again with the more fighting than knitting.

So I decided to pull out the PLASTIC needles that came from a bundle i got from an auction back when i first decided i was gonna learn to knit. This was my last option.

There was no fighting. The project was done quite quickly and I was happy.

I am addicted to Addi’s and have other needles. but in reality …its the yarn/project that dictates what needle is used. At least in my case.

I ALWAYS start out with my Addi’s. but sometimes…other needles get to come out and play…:mrgreen:


I started out on size 8 bamboo circs and it was feeling quite sticky, and I was getting ticked off that maybe the varnish on the needles was getting tacky with the yarn (even though I had just finished a beret with the same yarn, different color, on the same needles. So I looked at my needle collection and determined my size 8s would be way too short and figured I’d try the Boye straights the spousal unit had gotten me. Fighting more.

I just found my Quicksilver circs and I’m going to see how they work.

Yep, that has been my experience, too. Sometimes I need a more “grippy” needle if the yarn is slick.

Well, it was also epic fail on the Quicksilvers. Then skin started peeling off two of my fingers and I could feel a film on my fingers. I called Premier yarns immediately and got… voicemail. So I emailed them to ask them if there was a problem with the dye lot and explained what I’d experienced. As I was doing this my son picked up the needles with the work on it (I encourage this as I hope it sparks interest in one of them) and asked me what I’d spilled on the scarf. It does take an extra hand sometimes.

My worry is that I ordered two more skeins from Premier to finish the scarf and I pray to God they are not from the same dye lot. I’m working on sock until I hear back from them and hopefully they have a suggestion other than washing the ball of yarn before knitting with it.

Edit: I just spoke with a rep at Premier and they are checking with their manufacturer in Turkey about that particular lot, making sure the 2 balls I ordered are NOT from that lot and throwing in two free skeins for my troubles. Now that is customer service!