Never addressed in patterns - what to do with underarm of top down raglan?

I’m making Wicked right now, am just about finished the body and then will go back to the sleeves. This is not the first top down raglan I have made, I like the one piece construction but there is ALWAYS a problem with the underarm and it is [I]never[/I] (that I have seen anyways) mentioned in patterns. All it says to do is put sleeve stitches on needles, knit sleeves, bind off, weave in ends.

Is it just me or is there always a really ugly gap at the underarm?? It is extremely awkward to seam up neatly and is equally awkward to pick up stitches from.

What do you do??

if you haven’t finished the sweater or anything, i found this pattern which seems to address the gap issue:

see page 3 of the pdf. if for some reason you can’t open it, i can transcribe the paragraph for you.

not sure if you’ve tried exactly that already, but it didn’t sound like anything you’d described already trying, so i’m just throwing it out there. :slight_smile:

Thanks - it looks like something worth trying. I’ll be tackling the sleeves tomorrow and will be sure to report how it goes.

Some people cast on half the underarm sts, knit around, cast on the other half of the underarm sts, and then start working the sleeve in the round. To finish, they graft the underarm edges together.

I generally pick up sts starting at the center of the armhole and knitting together sts at the corners. Here is an example. I knit together 3 sts at each corner instead of 2 because of the ribbing in the pattern. Here is another.

Others pick up an extra st at each corner.