Netflix-relief for the summer reruns/reality shows!

I hate summers, for some reason the tv execs think its ok to play nothing but reruns or load the stations up with reality shows. The only one I like is Amazing Race and its over for a while. And there is no way I will watch National Bingo Night!

So, I was talking to hubby while he was on the tarmack waiting for the plane to go to Hong Kong via Toyko and mentioned that I would like Netflix for the summer and he said sign up!:cheering: We are getting unlimited 1 dvd’s and 10 hours online viewing for $9.99 a month! Now I just have to pick the movies…that is where I need some help. Right now there are 28 movies there and I want more. What would you suggest?

We have the unlimited 1 DVD thing, too. I never heard of the online viewing though…maybe it’s for new sign-ups only? :scratchinghead:

Anyway…I have so many videos on there it’ll take us till next year to see them all. We have just started the Friends series so we could watch them from the beginning, too. :wink:

ETA: Just checked the online viewing… it’s very cool, but I don’t have Service Pack 2 on my computer (am afraid to put it on) so I can’t view them.:pout:

We have the 4 DVD plan. Right now we are watching the 1st (and only) season of Miracles. Then we will be starting on the Highlander series.

A good way to get recommendations is to use their feature. They recommend movies based on your queue, and movies you’ve already rented from them. You can also rate movies that you’ve seen (whether or not you’ve used Netflix to do so), and they will take into account what you liked/didn’t like to suggest new movies.

We had the unlimited 2 DVD plan and I upped it to the 3 DVD plan for the summer. (My husband teaches and will be driving me CRAZY this summer.) I love NetFlix… just got new movies today too! Its a great way to catch up on all the movies we have missed and yes… rate movies! The Movies You’ll Love thingie is TOTALLY COOL!

If you are enjoying Miracles, I’d like to point out that an Executive Producer is David Greenwalt, who was one of the original EPs (alongside creator Joss Whedon) for [I]Buffy the Vampire Slayer[/I] and [I]Angel[/I]. Those would be great additions to your queue, as well as [I]Firefly[/I].

What type of movies do you like? Here are a few off the top of my head.

[B][COLOR=red][U]Drama (with violence)[/U][/COLOR][/B]
The Boondock Saints

How to lose a guy in 10 days
Wild Hogs
Office Space

[COLOR=red][B][U]Forgein Films[/U][/B][/COLOR]
Once Were Warriors
The Wedding Banquet
All About my Mother
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

[COLOR=red][U][B]Just good films
[/B][/U][/COLOR]The Dark Crystal
Catch and Release
Any Kevin Smith film
Any Pedro Almodóvar film
Citizen Kane
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

I love Netflix. :cheering:

I watch a ton of TV series using them. I have recently finished watching The Closer series, it was pretty darn good. I am watching all the seasons of CSI. I never watched them before (I know, shocker). I don’t have cable or satellite in my part of the house and the only time I get to watch TV is right before bed. Plus there are no late fees (which I am the queen of).

edited to add: I love Office Space (gotta love Milton and his red stapler).

Oh, how I love the Highlander show…Gavin is such a cutie!! And I just love the whole concept of the show.

We bought a Netflix subscription for a Christmas gift for our children. Because we travel so much for soccer tournaments, and each of the kids have their own laptops, it seemed like the perfect thing. We all just love it!!!

We LOVE Netflix!!

I started watching Buffy around season 2 and watched Angel from the beginning. Loved them and have several seasons on DVD. But I couldn’t get into Firefly. It just didn’t interest me.

I’m on the blockbuster plan sorta similar to netflix and recently I’ve enjoyed

Grand Hotel (30’s film academy award winner and I thought it was lovely.)
Sword of Doom (japanese samurai movie.)
It Happened One Night (30’s screwball comedy. Fun!)
Marty (50’s film also won academy awards with good reason.)
and last but not least, last night I watched
The Secret Life of Words very moving. Shot in a way that reminds me of Breaking the Waves

I love Netflix as well! I pop in a movie and knit! Sometimes, I don’t feel in the mood for the movies we have, so I give myself a week. If I don’t watch it, I send it back- I can always put it back in my queue and get it again.

The best starter advice… Go on the site and look at the top 100 movies, you can find great movies all in one place.

PS- Love the Highlander…and Office Space (I need a jump to conclusions mat)

Not a movie, but I’ve been watching the Red Dwarf series lately and find it absolutely hilarious!

I don’t have Netflix but I DO have It’s very similar. I’m on a 3-at-a-time unlimited plan and I pay $17.99/month. The awesome thing about is that once I get a movie and watch it I can either drop it in the mail or take it to a local blockbuster and exchange it for a free movie rental. That way there’s no downtime where I’m without a movie.

I have a feeling that the mailing turnaround time for is a bit slower than netflix. My friends that do netflix have recieved movies as fast as 3 days after they sent in their watched movies. The fastest mail turnaround time for me has been 5 days.

Barnes & Noble sells an Office Space kit in the Bargain section, complete with red stapler and Jump to Conclusions mat. :thumbsup:

I’ve had the same movies forever, and need to update my address with them, but…

With Netflix, I would drop off a movie on Monday and have a new movie on Wednesday. It hardly ever took longer. They also periodically email you to see how quickly you are getting your movies, so that they can continually improve their service.

The only time I’ve ever heard this said was when the person only saw the original airing on Fox. The original airing was shown out of order, mis-represented in the marketing, it was constantly being pre-empted (so viewers couldn’t find it to watch) and some of the episodes were never shown at all. They didn’t even show the pilot until the series had already been cancelled.

Everyone who has watched it from the beginning on DVD has said it’s one of the best shows they’ve ever seen.

I really like to knit to netflix also… I have the 4 dvd plan.
Try going thru the top 100 movies and pick some from them.
That’s what I did when I got my subscription.

I’ve watched all 5 seasons of Six Feet Under(took me 6 months), Dead Like Me(great series/too bad it was only 2 seasons), House(sexy and cranky), The Office US(funniest show on tv), and now I’m watching Monk.

I’ve watched Leonadro DiCaprio movies(The Departed, Blood Diamond, Titantic), John Cusack:inlove: movies(Serendipity, Being John Malcovich, Runaway Jury, Identity), Matt Damon(The Talented Mister Ripley, Bourne movies, The Good Shepard), Denzel Washington:muah:(I love his smile), etc

The Secret Window…Stephen King’s novela adapted into a movie starring Johnny Depp is a great movie.

DragonTush posted this website that she watches tv shows on, there are a lot of shows there. Right now I am watching Tru Calling (another show that should not have been cancelled), Big Love is there, Firefly (I will watch that to check it out), and British shows are also there. The name of the post is [B]So I sit in front of the computer and…[/B]

I watch TCM a lot and they don’t re-run very often. I absolutely LOVE old movies. My favorite is, “12 Angry Men” with Henry Fonda.