Ness Tam hat pattern

I haven’t been knitting for a very long time … but today I got the urge to knit again after I saw a hat pattern for a Ness Tam by Marie Wallin
The pattern is gorgeous and the wool used is Shetland Spindrift

I am wanting to use circular knitting needles which will help me a lot with my painful hands. My question before I order this pattern… is it correct that the pattern has to be altered when using these knitting needles as I will not be turn the needles over to do a purl row?
Hoping this makes sense :slight_smile:


That’s a lovely pattern! I can see why it would inspire you to knit again.

According to the Ravelry page, the tam is knitted in the round, so you won’t need to make any changes to the pattern.

Have you knitted in the round before? Do you already have circular needles or will you need to buy some?

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kashami - it will be my first time knitting in the round, I’m hoping it will be easier on my hands.
I will be starting from scratch as I gave my straight needles to my daughter years ago. Reading the information given I see I need 2 sizes A 40cm fixed cable- 325mm needles and a 25cm fixed cable with 2.75mm needles. I’ve check on to see what price I can expect to pay and it will be roughly £12 for both.
As for purchasing the wool yarn from the supplier stated on Ravelry it will come out a bit expensive but I should imagine that I would have plenty of wool left to make a second one for myself, either that or look elsewhere as long as it is shetland wool.

Welcome to the forum!
That’s a beautiful hat pattern. You don’t need the 25cm needles however. In fact, there are many complaints that these are a bit hard on your hands. If you work the body of the hat with the 40cm needles, you should be able to switch to the double pointed needles for the decrease section.

Please edit your post to remove most of the pattern section. You can use the pencil icon in the lower right of the post (click on the … ). We can’t post large portions of patterns due to designer copyright.

We’ll be happy to help is you run in to more questions about the pattern. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Sorry for not following the rules … looks like I have gone a bit too far in editing as all has been delated. :astonished:
I will have another browse through the pattern tomorrow and see if I can make sense of it.
Thank you for pointing out that I don’t really need the smaller needles :+1:

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Not a problem, youngatheart. Good luck with the pattern. Sometimes these directions make better sense when you have the sts on the needles.

I bought my first set of circular needles this time last year. I got longer ones which I can use in the “magic loop” method for some things when shorter length is listed.
I use woolwarehouse a lot and wouldn’t want to take business away from them but usually before starting a project it’s a good idea to do a swatch with your yarn to see if you are knitting to gauge or if you need a smaller or larger needle to achieve the correct gauge for a pattern. It means if you don’t knit perfectly to gauge your hat might be smaller or larger than you were expecting of you don’t swatch for gauge or if you don’t have a different needle size to switch to to gain gauge. For this reason I bought a very low cost but very full set of long circulars on amazon. I got heaps of sizes and a free tool kit of markers, needle stoppers, cable needle etc which I didn’t even realise I needed. I just thought I’d mention this. My needles are not expensive or flashy but they work and I’ve just about reached the one year mark so they’ve done well for a low cost kit. Only one of them split on the cable (the size I use ALL the time) just near the join to the bamboo and i was able to cut this and rejoin it with a drop of glue.
I have not bought double pointed needles but there are also low cost sets available to give you a range of sizes.
I got a set of straight needles and 2 of them became so worn they splintered a tiny bit at the end which i resolved with an emery board (nail file) and a coat of clear nail varnish. They are lasting well.

The hat you’ve chosen is lovely. I hope you enjoy your return to knitting and it is not painful for you.

I was so inspired by your post that I bought the same pattern and ordered Jamieson Wool’s Spindrift yarn (I chose different colors and it was so much fun!) My question is: how are you keeping 10 different colors of yarn organized as you knit and are you breaking the yarn as you finish each section or carrying up the unused colors at the beginning of round?

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