Nervous Newbie!

Hi all my name is Rachel and I am new-ish to knitting and TOTALLY addicted :o) I’ve been knitting for about 8 months but stuck mainly to scarves and slippers…easy peasy, right? So I got this bright idea that I would try a pair of socks…yikes! I am about 2 inches from finishing the ankle and heading directly into the dreaded heel…I am very nervous about this and may very well end up with a leg warmer!

I am following the Silvers Sock class. Any encouragment or advice is welcome! I look forward to getting to know you all :muah:

Silver’s directions are very clear. Just follow them, it will be easy.

Yes, I have advice. Watch Amy’s video here of the demo of the North Country Cotton Baby Sock. It will show you the idea behind the heel flap, heel turn and picking up the guesset stitches and decreasing back to the original stitch count. It won’t follow the pattern of Silver’s tutorial, but it will show you the theory behind this section of the sock.

Go down a bit to “Working the heel of a sock”.

Once you finish this one, you’ll either be addicted to sock knitting or you’ll never want to knit socks again. Me? I’m an addict. Good luck.:thumbsup:

Thanks! That video was very helpful, makes the heel look a little less scary!