Neon/Fluorescent Yarn

SO … I live in Florida, and it has been cold! I got this bright idea to knit scarves for our morning safety patrol students. I am looking for some neon/fluorescent “safety patrol” colors in yarn that is not … acyrylic … at least not 100% acrylic … But … i can’t find the colors in any yarn (online search). Anyone have a bright (ha,ha) idea for flashy scarves ?

Caron Simply Soft Brites are nearly fluorescent, but they are acrylic. Bernat has some glow in the dark yarns that are acrylic as well.

Medium weight here has a bright hunter orange and it’s wool.

Dale of Norway Falk has a neon yellow that is quite bright. I made 19 Marsan watch caps for my Ambulance squad last year. I also go some neon yellow wool on ebay.

If you google “Neon yellow yarn” you will come up with a few options. Warning though, Cascade has a wool tht is called “neon yellow” but it is really mustard colored (Ihave 20 skeins purchased on line under the assumption it would be “neon”. There are several different acrylic yarns available that are really very bright.

Dale of Norway Falk in Neon has been discontinued so if you find it grab it if you want it.

I found some at these sites in limited color choices.

Thank you so much, both of you! I [B]knew[/B] there was a thread here somewhere about “safety colors” but I didn’t remember any of the particulars. I like the Dale of Norway but it is DK and I really want these to be a quick knit (they are for middle schoolers). I love the Caron Simply Soft Brights colors and I think if I double the worsted, and use 11 or 13’s a scarf would be a quick knit. It is also less than $4.00 for 315 yards … so even doubled I should be able to get a scarf out of a skien. I think I will swing by Joann’s or Michales and see how it feels. My other thought is Knit Picks Bulky Bare superwash and jaquard dye …
If I do it for this year, it will have to be soon, I think we have probably already had our 4 cold mornings of the year !
Thanks again for the tips and links!

I used a double strand of Falk for my hats. You might also check for “neon yellow” yarn on ebay. I bought a bunch of lace weight neon yellow and used 5 strands for some hats, they were REALLY bright and very warm.